Is America Outta Luck?

Plenty of cultures seem to think so.

Chinese culture is one example of a highly successful global society of people who have innumerable laws and strategies for warding off bad luck while enhancing and attracting good luck.

Hey Americans! Why set up your garden for attracting butterflies and birds when you can arrange it to attract good fortune.

Western society, including the psychologists and the all important scientific community scoffs at such ancient ideas.

Favorable and unfavorable events and results are nowadays considered to be the results of wise and unwise actions.

“Good luck is infatuated with the efficient” would be a polite way of rebutting the idea of a “God of God Luck.”


Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, the rest of the Middle East…

Ted Kennedy’s’ Chain Migration Bill, the change in weather that was a factor in the Challenger Shuttle explosion, the Big Financial Meltdown…

the 9/11 Hijacking, which should never have succeeded if anyone keeping watch had been awake…

If the above and more were a comedy cartoon video it would be a hapless handyman dressed as Uncle Sam stumbling from gushing faucets to upset paint cans to electrical shock….

if you don’t like Donald Trump I guess you can add him to the cartoon as the loud buffoon who opens the door uninvited and knocks over the loaded gun which kills the family dog…and Obama and Hillary would be two hobos out to raid the chicken coop.

America can’t catch a break!