Hideout Cities

Call them by their correct name, at least.
The true name for them is not Sanctuary Cities but rather Hideout cities.
Ever see those old Hollywood westerns where the outlaw gangs had gotten smart and had the laws changed in town so that they were immune from arrest? Any outlaw who made it there was protected by local law from outside law; though ordinary citizens were subject to and prosecuted by those very same laws .
Each movie had the obligatory scene where the outlaws would congratulate themselves for being so clever, for turning the rules upside down, to their advantage.
Perhaps they should be called not “Sanctuary” cities but rather “Outlaw Sanctuary Hideout Cities.”
Let Congress vote on that!
Well, those were simple movies from simpler times. Now the unprecedented power, scope and omnipresence of modern communications media has created a far more sinister scheme.
Outlaw Hideout Sanctuary cities are just one example of this scheme. One example of what is happening every day, every moment, in America,Europe, and the rest of the beleaguered Western World.
A multi continent invasion whose “air cover” is words and images.
How has this come about?
There has always been a grandiose, delusion dream shared by the “good people” of the world.
That people are good. That people are all the same; that divisions of borders and culture and even biology are just temporary obstacles to the goal of One World, One People.
It is a vision of Heaven at once false, toxic, and powerful.
Now due to that media carpet bombing of Western civilization, this fantasy has brainwashed the citizens of the West. And also controlled it, so the economic Master of the World benefit from it, the Third World benefits from it, and those who know better either keep quiet or are ridiculed, like Trump, if they speak out against it.
One World, One People.
Never mind that since the fall of historical European colonialism and the end of the USSR there has been constant creation and multiplication of new countries as ethnic groups gain power.
Believing in this One People media culture myth, the United States was caught completely unprepared for ethnic warfare after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
What is Iraq and the Middle East but a bloody reminder of the immensity and self evident stupidity of this falsehood.
The falsehood that nations merge into One World, rather than separate into their component tribes and ethnic groups.
Where did this myth of One World, One People come from?
It has been remarked that Liberalism is a theistic religion of its own. Like Christianity, it starts from a non negotiable premise -people are the same, and all want Jefferson Democracy,- if only they knew it and had the chance to grasp it.
It is the task of America to present this opportunity to the world.
The Nazi horrors gave flesh to this concept. Never again!
America saw itself as the Angel with the Sword; Europe as the Nurturing Mother.
Comfortable living at home made it all seem true.
“Feed your enemies and they will become your friends.”
Never mind your enemies actually praise their God for the infidels stupidity and weakness and with renewed strength plot against you.
The people of the United States and Europe have no clue of the Darwinian rules that the third world lives by.
Let us hope it is not to late to wake up from the fantasy our own media has placed us under.