Enough is Enough

While I have been here on RedState, I have seen it repeatedly stated that we need to build up the next generation of political leaders. I can’t argue with that in any way. I have been centered on providing for my family and doing the normal things in my church and my community. After this election, I see that is just not going to cut it any more.

I have been researching and reading all that I can about the Constitution, politics, and the international scene for the last couple of years. I haven’t been posting, as a good student knows when to keep quiet and learn. Blackhedd has been an incredible teacher in the economic and financial sector and so many have had wisdom to share. Erik has set the standard and is serving in his community.

So, Monday November 10th, I will go down to the Board of Elections and see what positions are up for election next year and get started. I can no longer expect our leaders to do what is best for us or to stay out of what is not their business.

Thankfully, McClain won the State Representative in my district in Ohio. Hopefully, I can work and prepare to replace him when he steps down in 8 years. I will have completed my MBA and my children will have graduated by then and I can dedicate my time to the people.

Freedom does not come without cost.