A Little Autobiography

Welcome to my diary section!

My name is Travis, I am from Minnesota and I recently joined Red State out of dedicating it to my long time friend whom I have always have had engaging conversation about conservatism and republican ideals. No he did not die he simply moved away. We keep in contact but in less of circles then I would have hoped. Upon graduating and continuing to college I found how liberal our education system is in Minnesota. About half way through this first semester I found myself not complying with them but sympathizing with them on a level I never wanted nor thought was possible as a Republican. I simply became ill informed and began agreeing with the skewed information at hand without looking at it from my true perspective.

So why am I here? Simply to keep my sanity about myself and knowing there are other Republicans/Conservatives out there other than Democrats and Liberals (which I am currently surrounded by). While it is vital to understand the other viewpoint I do not want to be sucked into something that truly isn’t what I am nor what is corrupted. Simply put by a great Republican…

“I did not leave the Democrat party, the party left me” -Ronald Reagen

Even though as Republicans/Conservatives and Democrats/Liberals have their strong differences I still think their is good in everyone. Yes i know there are some out there who are just plain asking for it.

My own personal quote I stand by below is. . .

“I don’t disagree on the man wanting to better his country, I disagree with the way man does it.”

Either way more personally about me. I love music. Every kind. I love to sing in Choirs and I love to listen to Classic Rock Especially Pink Floyd (Floyd 4 Ever!). Random fact I am also an Eagle Scout and am damn proud of it. While in high school I found my love in the soft sciences like Economics (was basically the teachers pet), English, and so forth and I also found enjoyment in the hard sciences like Chemistry and Biology as well. While Music is my first love, I just plain enjoy Economics. I love the opinions, the mindsets, the study of it and how it incorporates into everything. Hard and Soft subject. Ronald Reagen as a fellow economics major was vital into the modern republican mind that we see today. I just can’t be an economic major and look at Ronald Reagen as a controversial man.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain

I always tend to tread my own path as an individual and defiantly aim to be unconformable to the public masses and other peoples mind-set. I am my own. My Eagle Scout skills (Boy Scout Skills) have taught me to be a leader and plow the way for the future which is what I hope to do as a Economics major and maybe a little music writing on the side!

I look forward to learning and discussing with the lot of you!

Yours Truly,