You're Fired!

You’re fired.  It’s only been two weeks and our new President has already been able to put his famous Apprentice line to work back exercising his legal right to remove an insubordinate federal employee who violated the law by refusing to comply with a legitimate and legal presidential executive order.

But the real story is that Sally Yates no doubt did this deliberately to become a martyr for the party of the left and to obtain for herself nationwide publicity in order to troll for a higher position in life, either in public office or a job at some non-profit or legal organization.

The fact is that Sally Yates was to loose her job within a week once the new Attorney General is confirmed and appointed by the president. What did she have to lose by refusing to comply with the presidential order?  Nothing.

But what did she have to gain?  Everything – including a better job at higher pay and potentially become recognized as a leader of the left.

She even went as far as to illegally direct her entire agency not to comply with the President’s order.  She could’ve simply said she was not going to enforce it, but she wanted to go the extra step to get the extra publicity she craved so she had to take an extreme position.  She knows that Presidents Obama and Carter both issued a similar order.  This wasn’t about her believing something different than the President.  She very keenly grasped   the opportunity before her to propel herself into the limelight and play the national media to win favor with the left.

Unfortunately that’s what the left has brought us to.  Taking illegal actions, defying a presidential executive order, and refusing to obey federal law in order to push their own anti-democratic, personal agenda.

We in the public and in the business world put up with eight years of Obama’s unilateral actions, and we pretty much kept our mouths shut swallowing the bad medicine and living our lives as best we could.  We didn’t go out and cry and whine or protest.  We didn’t try to violate federal law and we didn’t disobey executive orders.  We sucked it up we did the best we could with what we had.  Unfortunately, the left doesn’t believe in democracy anymore.  They don’t believe in the Constitution.  They only believe in securing absolute power in order to further their agenda of which the primary objective is more power over the people.  Sally Yates violating federal law proves this once again.

And one last word about CNN’s extremism.  The CNN promotion of a “Monday night massacre” was so over the top that the American public has already become immune to their false stories and extreme headlines.  A massacre is a murder of multiple people.  The President firing one insubordinate employee is called a lawful and right thing to do, just like when Reagan canned the air traffic controllers who illegally went on strike.

I’m sure we can all expect a lot more of the same from the left and the fake media industry.  Fortunately for us, they are already training all of us to ignore them.