Obama’s True Nature is Finally Revealed

Obama’s true nature is finally revealed.  Since he no longer has to run for re-election, he doesn’t have to conceal is true inner self.


Unfortunately, his true nature is revealed by his scorched earth policy attempting to cause as much damage as possible on the world stage with the idea of making life as difficult as possible for President Trump.  The level of maturity of the outgoing president is finally revealed and is stunningly deficient.


I am a student of history and I don’t recall any president, Democrat or Republican, ever taking a  scorched earth policy like this before.  The only close example was Clinton’s administration  stealing taxpayer owned items from the White House as Clinton exited, including removing the W key from computer keyboards.


First – the vote against Israel.  Obama has exposed his anti-Israel, anti-Semite beliefs by hanging Israel out to dry in a recent UN vote; (a vote far too coincidental in timing that I have to believe that it was orchestrated by Obama as one last poke in the eye to Israel, coming after the Iranian deal giving Iran nuclear capability that Israel will be forced to one day take action against).  Keep in mind that Obama is not just exposing his anti-Israel beliefs when he ordered his U.S. representative to the UN to abstain, it proves Obama is also anti-democratic.  Israel is the only democracy and the only free nation in the Middle East.  (The United States should support any true democracy even when we disagree with them because to do the opposite is to support tyrants, dictators, and state sponsors of terror.)


Obama doesn’t realize that this kind of behavior is an invitation to the enemies of Israel to attack now.  Obama has signaled to the world that any attempt to harm Israel during Obama’s final days will mean no action from the United States; an extremely dangerous invitation.  This sort of abandoning of our allies also creates the potential for war for them and undermines our credibility with our other allies.  Who will trust us now?


Add to that the alleged Russian cyber attack on the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  I say show me the evidence.  There has been absolutely zero evidence presented to the public of any cyber attack by Russia on the DNC, which means that either it didn’t happen and it was completely fabricated, and if it did happen, the DNC and the Democrats don’t want the public to know what they were up to that would invite the Russians to hack their servers.  (Need I say that Hillary’s previously secret and illegal server was an invitation to our enemies to launch such cyber attacks?)


Likewise, there’s been no evidence presented to the public of any harm done, even if there was hacking into the DNC.  Hacking the DNC does not create votes in the election – (or does it?!)  My question is – what is the DNC trying to hide?


Another question to ask is why is the United States government, headed by President Obama, acting as an arm of the DNC – trying to punish Russia for it’s alleged hacking when the hacking did not occur against the government, but rather against a private party – the DNC?  By his own admission, the so-called attack was against the DNC.  The normal procedure for a crime is for the FBI to investigate, then determine the truth and take appropriate legal action against the alleged perpetrators.  Instead, what we have is President Obama skipping completely over the investigative procedure and skipping over the due process procedure that would determine whether or not a crime occurred.  He then skipped over the trial that would normally determine the outcome and any punishment.  Instead, he acted unilaterally without legal authority to punish an adversary for a crime in which no evidence has been presented.


Worse, the President is acting as a branch of the DNC and using the resources of the taxpayers and the federal government to punish an alleged suspect who acted against a partisan group – all without a public investigation and without due process and without any evidence being presented in public.  He has acted as investigator, judge and jury, which in and of itself is unconstitutional.


Of course the real truth here is proven by the pattern of behavior that President Obama, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton are exhibiting.  They are attempting to undermine the new president.


Now let’s roll the tape and replay Hillary Clinton during the debates when she promised to respect the outcome of the election.  Clearly with the fake recall by the Green party, which was  really pushed by the Democrats all along, combined with the attack on Israel, along with the Russian hacking story, you begin to see the true nature of President Obama and the career Democrats.  (I still hold out hope that a majority of the Democrats would agree that these recent Obama actions are dangerous and are undermining world peace.  Stirring the pot by throwing out Russian diplomats just adds to the tension; what else will Obama come up with in his last weeks to provoke a more severe Russian response?


The sad part about all these actions, including the protests against the election winner, is that the Democrats are conditioning those in their party to take a scorched earth policy with any election loss, thereby demonstrating that they don’t believe in democracy.  They only believe in winning at any cost.


This is why I encourage all conservatives to speak up and be heard.  No more sitting on the sidelines, no more staying silent.  The other side is going to continue to fight against democracy, so we’ve got to stand up and fight for democracy and for the constitution.