Quick Count Indonesian election : Prabowo vs Jokowi

The results of the 2014 presidential election Prabowo  vs. Jokowi:  Quick Count Results 2014 Presidential Election while both claim as the 2014 presidential election winners, from two camps. Jokowi-JK favored by various agencies such as CSIS and R & D surveys Compass. Despite this, Prabowo pair-Hatta also expressed collect more voices by LSN and Puskaptis.

CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies) through senior researcher, Philip Vermonte, stating that there are advantages in party-Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla. The figure reached 51.9 percent. Meanwhile Prabowo-Hatta gained 48.1 percent.

Based on a quick count conducted R & D Compass, couple number 2 Jokowi-Kalla managed to acquire 52.34% of the vote. Meanwhile Prabowo-Hatta only gaining 47.66%. This is achieved by entering the percentage of the sample reached 100%.

Similarly, the results of the quick count conducted SMRC Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting) with the data entered by 99.3%. Jokowi Kalla re-seeded with a difference of five percent of the vote. Couples who introduced the two-finger greeting gained 52.91%. Prabowo-Hatta followed by 47.09%.

What RRI? They also favor Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla with 52.60% of the vote. Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa be in the next position with 47.40%. Data entry to date reached 99.5%.

Meanwhile, some other survey organizations indicates otherwise. Reported by Okezone, on a quick count Puskaptis (Center for Policy Studies and Development Strategy) Prabowo mengunggulka-Hatta with 52.05%. Meanwhile Jokowi-JK gained 47.95 percent. This is achieved by entering the sample at 93.41 percent.

National Survey Institute (LSN) and the Indonesian Voice Network (JSI) to show results quickly count more stringent denagn very thin difference. LSN-Hatta declared Prabowo ahead with 50.56 percent while Jokowi-JK gained 49.44 percent. Samples that had been reached 96.51 percent.

JSI-Hatta also said Prabowo more leads with 50.16 percent. Jokowi-JK in the next sequence with 49.84 percent. Samples are already in 91.35%.

Indonesian Research Centre (IRC) Prabowo-Hatta also put more up front with 51.11 percent. Sounds Jokowi-JK was more under the 48.89 per cent. The difference this makes the results of the quick count we await the official announcement of the Commission on July 22, 2014.

The following summary results of the quick count survey agencies :

quick count

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