Sarah Palin Won The Debate

Sarah Palin won last night’s debate, hands down, but not for the reasons you think. Although she had Biden from her entrance, with her “Nice to meet you, can I call you Joe?”, she REALLY had him on his heels on several occassions leaving him with nothing but, “yeah but” types of rebuttal.

But that’s not why Palin won.
I’ll even give Old Joe credit, he can spin a line of total BS, as he did on several ocassions last night (Barack never said he’d sit down with Ahmedinijad with no preconditions, etc) and still manage to “look Presidential” while doing it. And I must admit that I was somewhat surprised that the human gaffe machine managed to go 90 minutes without leaving a complete set of footprints on his own tongue, a feat which may well be a personal best for him.

The reason Governor Palin won this debate, and is winning the hearts and minds of a great many of those of us all across the frutied plain, is because when she speaks she talks “to” us, not “at” us. She is one of us, and comes across that way, unlike her opponent and the person on the top of his ticket, who come across condescending, at best.

And that, friends and neighbors, is why she beat Biden like a red-headed stepchild last night. She demonstrated herself to be a tough, smart, scrappy Jolene Six-Pack who can grab Washington by the scruff of the neck and shake some sense into it. And for those of us who are tired of politics as usual, she is a breath of fresh air.