Politics And Hypocrisy

Much has been made over the past 24 hours about Barack Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” statement, and how it may or may not have been a veiled shot at Sarah Palin. While, after hearing the sound bit in context, I seriously doubt that it was, the Illinois Senator’s cry of foul for the flak he took over the statement strikes me as hypocritical.

I remember seeing Obama TV ads criticizing John McCain for wanting a “100 year war in Iraq”, when McCain’s comment, taken in context, said nothing of the kind. I remember the Obama campaign making hay by taking, out of context, McCain’s response to Pastor Rick Warren’s question during the Saddleback Forum regarding at what income level is one rich. McCain even said at the time that he was “sure you’ll be seeing that is a TV ad”, and he was right. Out of context, of course.

So, apparently, it’s ok for things to be taken out of context and used to make political hay if you’re the Obama campaign, but when the shoe is on the other foot that’s somehow unfair?

C’mon Senator Obama, politics is a serious game. And as my Daddy used to say, “if you’re gonna dish it out you’d better be able to take it.”