Sarah Palin Scares The Hell Out Of The Left

The left is scared to death of Sarah Palin. This is the only way to explain the total scorched earth policy they have had toward her and her family over the past couple of days.

They question whether or not she can be a good mother to her special needs child if elected Vice President. You don’t, however, hear anybody questioning Barack Obama’s ability to be a good father to his young daughters should he be elected President.

They bring up a 22 year old DWI arrest of Palin’s husband, but give a pass to Barack Obama’s admitted use of cocaine at about the same time.

And they even go so far as to attack Palin’s 17 year old daughter for an out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

Why would the far left stoop to such vulgar, irrelevant attacks? It’s because they fear that she’ll strike a chord with “regular” people. The people who make this country work. The people who are tired of arrogant, condescending, elitist Washington types who are out of touch with the things that affect the lives of us “regular” people.

Here is a working mother of 5 who manages to “have it all”. She has a devoted husband, 5 children, a demanding career, and the approval (according to the latest polls) of more than 80% of the people she governs. And she still finds time to hunt, fish and otherwise enjoy the recreational opportunities that her beautiful state has to offer.

But what REALLY scares the left is that this self-describer “hockey mom” is a conservative who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. She carried a downs syndrome child to term and gave birth when many would have terminated the pregnancy. To a pro-life person such as myself this in itself is an impressive illustration of this lady’s character.

She has taken aim at corruption in Alaska’s republican party, and won. She defeated an incumbent governor and has managed to satisfy more than 80% of her employers. And she has done it all while remaining true to her conservative beliefs.

She has more executive experience than either candidate on the Democratic ticket, yet the charges of “inexperience” persist.

She is, truly, “one of us”, and that is what scares the hell out of the left. They are afraid that us “regular” folks will identify with Sarah Palin and vote for her because she is somebody we feel “gets it”, and actually knows of the challenges each of us know in our own lives. That’s why they are doing their level best to destroy her before anybody has the opportunity to get to know her.

The scorched earth policy of the far left is, I believe, designed to either cause her to resign from the campaign, or force Senator McCain to drop her as a running mate. From everything I’ve learned about both Governor Palin and Senator McCain, neither outcome is a likely scenario, nor should it be.

Governor Palin should wear these pathetic attempts at smear by the left as a badge of honor. The desperation exhibited by these attacks indicates the depth of their fear. To paraphrase an old movie line, “I love the smell of desperation from the left. It smells like……..victory!”

Sarah Palin scares the hell out of the left, and they should be frightened. They should be very, very frightened. Sarah Palin is a force of nature that the best efforts of the left will NOT be able to extinguish! You go, girl…..us “regular” folks are behind you in this battle!!