(During this last weekend, during a meeting of top staff with Gov. Romney)

“Seriously?Let me see if I got all this. I spent most of the last 12 years running for President. I lost the election by a total of about 400,000 spread across a handful of states. 2 million voters that voted for McCain  didn’t vote for me. The vehicle for getting those voters to the polls was a software package that didn’t work, leaving our volunteers unable to know just who voted and who they needed to get to the polls. Further, we roughly had 1 volunteer in the field for every 2 votes we needed in those few states.

So, we had the voters, we had the volunteers, but we couldn’t put them together because of a software failure. Is that it?”

“Yes sir.”

“And how much did we pay for that?”

“Millions… going into the tens of millions.”

“So we spent tens of millions of dollars to replace the old paper and pencil method, it didn’t work, so people didn’t get to the polls and vote. So I spent 12 years of my life only to get beat by a guy who himself got 10 million votes less this year than 4 years ago. All because somebody didn’t test this software and make sure it worked.”

“Seems so… yes sir.”