It's The Media, Stupid

We conservatives tend to internalize our failures. We didn’t do enough. We didn’t get our message out. We didn’t make our case.

It’s time we stopped kidding ourselves.

It doesn’t matter what our message is. It doesn’t matter how well we make case. The media will say about us and our candidates what they want to. They will make us seem as they wish, without regard for the truth. Todd Akin proved this point for us this year.

Todd Akin said did something very stupid. He agreed to that interview. He knew, or should have known, based on the interviewers history, that it was nothing but a trap. An interview not to inform, but to entrap. Todd Akin’s mistake was showing up. Then, once Akin spoke, things got worse. Far worse.

Even after Romney came out and condemned Akin’s remarks, the Mainstream Media hung Akin’s words around Romney’s throat. The media lies without qualm or fear. So much so, they would loudly proclaim that Romney to be of like mind with Akin on rape, while running Claire McCaskill ads that showed Romney condemning Akin for having said it.

The media has it both ways. It’s time for this to stop. It’s time for Conservatives to understand this.

We are hearing today about what we as conservatives must do to ‘reach out’ to these new voters. The path to these voters does not run through the Mainstream Media. To win we must develop a new and different path to these new (younger, more minority, more single, more etc, etc) voters that not only goes around the Mainstream Media, but counters and refutes them and shows them to be the corrupt hacks that they are.

I don’t have all the answers to this problem now, but until we find it, we won’t win.