Bring It Meat…

Democrats are truly in a no win situation.

It looks like it’s game on for the Nuclear Option or reconciliation process to pass Obamacare. Obama is going to lay down his smack,

Bring it on, I say.

Should we decry this action… this breach of both etiquette and of the rules of the Senate? Of course…

Should we fear this… this vile act or the repugnant law it would foster on the American people?

I say no… and I say it loudly… we should dare them to use reconciliation. We should taunt them, mock them if they don’t.

Bring your vile words and your shoddy tricks let them fester as to blot out the sun!

Then we will fight you in the shade.

The American people do not want this bill.

What the American people do want is their health insurance bills to be lower, to get the same or better care, and for everyone to have access to coverage.

This bill provides for none of that. And it has been clear enough about not doing any of those things, that most everyone knows it.

The best thing for everyone concerned is for this bill(s) to die right where it is.

Then the Democrats can go out and make claim to having voted for (or against) it and try and blame the GOP for blocking it… in spite of the fact that the GOP did no such thing. Then they can hope that the Danny’s of the world with forgive them and that enough of the un-aligned will believe them.

If on the other hand they do choose to pass this bill using arcane rules and legislative sleight of hand, it will amount to a political suicide pact.

The nation will sheathe with anger… the GOP will (had better) play it for all it’s worth, maybe even walking out in protest (?) at the vote. Claims will be made of a coup having taken place, that the government is no longer of the people.

It will be a long very hot summer for the Democrats. This summer will make the last one look short and pleasingly cool. This summer will not be over quickly. And they will not enjoy it.

This will all lead to cataclysmic losses for the Democrats in the House… they could lose up to 100 seats, as even moderate Democrats are thrown out in the general hatred of this bill and the actions to get it passed.

Losses in the Senate could be huge as well, with it being the ‘scene of the crime.’

Members currently seen as being safe will be in danger… Schumer comes to mind almost at once. Murkowski is another. Net losses in the Senate could reach to 20… giving the GOP the filibuster proof majority.

Not only you and I can do this figuring rest assured that every Democratic member of Congress has faced this as well. They know better than we what they risk. Their leadership has looked into the abyss as well… for them almost as bad as passing this would be trying it and not passing it.

They also know that the boy-king Obama cannot, will not, ‘save’ them. The Golden Boy with the silver tongue (if such a person ever existed in the first place) is gone.

His coattails are somewhere up around his neck. Obama is 0-3 in helping others get elected… and his approval in now below 50%. If he signs this POS, it will go lower… he will begin to enter George Bush territory.

Tonight we say to Obama, and Reid, and Pelosi… bring it!

You want it, come steal it like honest thieves for once in your miserable political lives. You want this bill bad enough to lie, to cheat, to steal it through, and then do it!

Do it and let the people see you do it! Be proud of it, don’t snivel… stand up for once.

A roll call vote should be taken… each member stand up and declare in a loud and clear voice where they stand. Vote yes to confirm your soul has been bought and paid for by the radical left and it’s boy-king.

Stand up and vote yes! Vote for the tyranny this bill brings. Vote with your Lord and Master!

Vote against the people of this Great Nation, the American voter.

We are ready!

To my Brothers and Sisters on the right… be calm and of good cheer. This howling we hear is just the wind of political cowardice and malevolence. Fear it not. We shall battle it, overcome it, and banish it for many long years.

Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world. -Abraham Lincoln