Tsquare's Crazy Idea # 10,753

So, I’m minding my own business on a cool Wednesday evening, the kids now on their way back the the ex-house, and I come upon this:

In expansive remarks at a law school in Florida, Justice Clarence Thomas on Tuesday vigorously defended the Supreme Court ’s recent campaign finance decision.

Now that would seem to be at odds with the President…

Both these men are noted as Constitutional Scholars…

Then it hit me… "Two Men Enter… One Man Leaves!"

Now other than George Bush, and maybe Erick, is there anyone the left hates more than Justice Clarence Thomas?

And few people are ‘disliked’ on the right than Barack Obama.

"Two Men Enter… One Man Leaves!"

Why ever would either man want to do this?


It is Black History Month… two of the ‘highest ranking’ Black men in the nation? How cool would that be for little Black Children to see?

Education? Teachable moment? More than a sound bite… no screaming and all that…

To further the debate… something that Obama claims to want.

Then it hit me…again… Haiti.

"Two Men Enter… One Man Leaves!"

So here’s the deal…

We get someone on our side to pledge 1 million for the American Red Cross for Haiti relief payable at the debate. (I’m looking at YOU, Rush!)

Ask C-Span if they would produce the TV of the one hour debate… and provide a live feed to any and all networks or local stations that want to care it. (using current Oxford debate rules… no BS)

Call the other side out… Soros? Hollywood leftists? Warren?

Then, once it is set… get the Red Cross to set up text ‘numbers’ where people can ‘vote’ at ten dollars a pop for their man. All money going to Haiti of course.

"Two Men Enter… One Man Leaves!"

Crazy isn’t it?

BTW: if by some miracle this actually happens… I got Thomas and I’ll give points. And I’ll go double or nothing that the right raises more money on the txt-in