Meanwhile... No One Cares About the Debt

Breaking news:

The latest calculation of the National Debt as posted by the Treasury Department has – at least numerically – exceeded the statutory Debt Limit approved by Congress last February as part of the Recovery Act stimulus bill.

The ceiling was set at $12.104 trillion dollars. The latest posting by Treasury shows the National Debt at nearly $12.135 trillion.

From here: http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/12/16/politics/politicalhotsheet/entry5987341.shtml

The Democrats REALLY don’t know what they are doing, do they?

Now I’ll agree… this is likely no ‘big’ deal… and something that likely could be fixed with a minimum of muss and fuss… but still… why is this an issue in the first place? Why are we reading about it?

Amateur hour continues… God help us… God help us all…