The Real Issue At Hand

Last week Mort Kondracke, someone that I find otherwise reasonable, wrote this column about his mother


As he presents her, a remarkable person, great mother, and someone that most anyone would like to know.

I didn’t really take notice until near the end:

The hospice movement has grown dramatically since its importation from Britain in the 1970s, especially after Medicare decided to pay for hospice care in 1983.

Forty percent of terminal cancer patients now use hospice care, but the percentage is much lower for other chronic diseases.

Congress and the Obama administration should find ways to spread the custom so that eventually practically everyone, like my mother, chooses to close out a good life with a good death.

I have no issue with hospice care… my father was in hospice before he died.

I have no issue with Medicare funding hospice

I have no issue with Kondracke wanting to see expanded the use of hospice care.

I take issue with only this:

“Congress and the Obama administration should find ways to spread the custom”

That I take issue with… the suggestion that when we have an idea, or when we see something, anything, that is worth doing… we should then turn toward the government.

This is what is wrong today… in Canada, doublely in Europe, but now swiftly creeping into the fabric of life in the USA.

It must be stopped. Our freedom demands it.

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