The Strategic Brilliance of Barack Obama.

And the real reason it should be of interest to Republicans.

There is an old adage in US politics: ‘don’t get into an argument with a guy that buys ink by the barrel.’

Yet that is exactly what Obama did. Why?

Just what did Obama do here? He did several things:

He put the Republicans there… and indeed everywhere, on notice that Limbaugh won’t be able to help them.

He told then that he was in charge… and that any and all ‘blessings’ will come to him through him… and only him.

And he brought into the ‘fight’ Limbaugh… the guy on the right that buys ink by the barrel… at least metaphorically.

Of the first two, he did that with this statement and with his “I won.” comment. They could be viewed correctly as that ‘first rock over the wall’ or ‘first shot across the bow’ Also by the timing of this ‘attack’ as well as it’s ‘severity’ it would also seem that Obama is using his own brand of ‘shock and awe’ on the Congressional Republicans.

All of that, no matter how we might feel about it, is sound strategy… hit first, hit hard and establish dominance.

But Limbaugh and all that ink?

The positives for Obama, he took aim for and hit the conservative 800# Gorilla, right from the start. This shows that he lacks fear of Limbaugh, and that he is ready to ‘take him on.’ Strength on strength.  It also served to pacify those in his party that have been calling for ‘blood’ and thinking that Obama might not be ‘pure’ in his ideology with some of the Clinton era appointments. ‘Red Meat’ for his not so happy far left.

And the negatives?

Not a one.

But… but… but… it’s Rush, Barrels of ink, 800# Gorilla!

Yeah… so?

What? Is Rush somehow now going to hate Obama anymore than he did the day before? Is Rush going to talk more about Obama now… more than he has been? Is this ‘attack’ on Rush gong to somehow keep Limbaugh from making ‘peace’ with and going easy on Obama?


Obama, or someone near to him knows all this. The shock and awe, the establishing dominance, strength on strength, all that stuff. And that attacking Limbaugh carried no downside whatsoever.

So here my friends is the brilliance part: Team Obama knows this…


Particularly the ‘no downside’ ‘could they ever hate up more than they do already’ part.

Which they can’t.

There is not now nor will there ever be a downside to a conservative attacking… anyone on the left… be they politician, media, moonbat, anyone. They hate us when we are nice, when we ‘work with them’ when we are bipartisan. They already hate us, just how much more could they possibly hate us if we were actually… well… conservative.

Obama knows on day 3 that Bush and most of the GOP failed to learn in 8 years.