An Outline for Responce to The Stratigy of Barack Obama

This is a continuation from my earlier entry of The Strategic Brillance of Barack Obama

“Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy’s plans, the next best is to prevent the junction of the enemy’s forces, the next in order is to attack the enemy’s army in the field, and the worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities.” -Sun Tzu, the Art of War

This is where we conservatives always fall flat on our Pelosi… <grin>

We don’t have any kind of counterattack. Well we also lack much of an attack as well… but we’ll get to that another time.

The thing that troubles me the most in all of this is that we, seemingly have absolutely no idea what we are doing.

Now Bill Kristol writes that we should “Let 1,000 Republican Flowers Bloom

This is the time for a thousand Republicans to bloom. Congressmen used to looking to the White House for guidance or approval–or fearing disapprobation–should show some healthy ambition and unleash their inner policy entrepreneur. Backbenchers need to come forward with heterodox ideas. There should be vigorous debate. Disharmonious disarray is in the short term much less of a danger than a false and stultifying unity.

Not for the first time do I wonder just who’s side Bill Kristol is on.

For as I explained before, it is this. “disharmonious disarray” that Obama seeks, a free hand to do as he wishes. But not just that… Obama wishes to ‘purchase’ his victories cheaply.

Mr Kristol points out, and likely is correct that; “There are severe limits to what the GOP can do over the next couple of months.” The wheels come off though when he urges us to; “In fact, Republicans might be better off doing nothing at all.”

Now is the time to get our collective heads together, make sure we are in fact ‘all together’ and:

  • Make sure our minorities in Congress hold together. A strong leader would do this. We don’t have one… not that I know of.
  • Start getting our message both together and though. This is a HUGE thing as we are terrible at it right now. The Democrats can through there elected leaders, and the media and with groups like MoveOn, and on-line get their talking points out and into the news cycle on any given day. Right now we on the right can not do this. We need this to hold our minorities together.
  • Look for the fight, but before that look for the first fight. We need to find some Under-Secretary of BS that has a wacko-left history and burn them… bad. Pick a fight and make sure it’s one that we can win. Feed this to Rush and to Fox and all the rest… get the whole of the right moving against this smuck… and get him either voted down (best) or blocked. If one is a student of history let this be our Trenton, or Coral Sea. A victory un-looked for.
  • After that feed back into the loop and see what worked… and what did not. Build on the success and fix the failures.
  • Keep picking the small winnable battles… while staying together and not letting the Democrats pick off members with promises of pork. People will stay together if they think that there is hope… we must be able to convey that to our Congressional minorities. As this all unfolds make sure that the more successful of those 1,000 Republican Flowers” get exposure… here on Red State, on Townhall, on Rush and Sean and the rest. Give them reasons to hang tough, they are going to need it.
  • While doing this keep the pressure up and be looking for: the first policy set back that we can hand Obama. It should come in the fall… maybe right after the August recess… you’ll know it when you see it. A bill Obama is pushing will be in doubt, his own party being wishy-washy on it. He’ll need GOP help to get it passed.

This is where all the rest will pay off… we must not only hold our members, we must have a reason for them not to cross over and we must be ready with all the support… principled, policy reasons, and be hitting it all over the media. All singing the same tune… just like the Democrats did for the last 8 years.

And we have about 7 months to do all of it.

1,000 GOP conservative flowers? Fine… but do we have any gardeners?