A Brief Note to GOP Elected Officals...

In which I take on a role I know very well… that of a Father.

From here: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0109/17532.html

We get the news that The One is coming ‘courting’

It’s no secret Barack Obama is trying to seduce Republicans these days. But his conservative courting runs much deeper and wider than is publicly known.

Obama has had meetings with his former opponent John McCain, GOP congressional leaders and some of the country’s leading conservative commentators. He’s also honoring McCain and Colin Powell in high-profile pre-inaugural dinners, where Obama is expected to toast the Republicans.

Behind the scenes, Obama and his team are working just as hard, courting prominent Republicans and conservatives through frequent phone calls, e-mails and private sit-downs.

I sit with you now and tell you… all of you… as I tell my Daughters:

“You lay down with dogs… you get up with fleas”

In the end all you ever have is family and if you shame them ‘enough’ they stop caring. You go off running around with some young good looking smooth talking little POS like Him, we may not be here when you get back… all used, abused and cast aside. Because you know that all he’s ever going to do is blow sweet smoke up your… ear, then ‘take’ you in the rear and once he no longer needs you kick you to the curb.

Got it?

Make sure you do… or next time you want something (money… votes) I won’t be there.