On the Subject of Netroots

Playing off of Moe’s post:


This shows just why… as well as the way to break the back of the Obama administration.

Obama can not deliver everything for everybody. This should be a given seeing how he was sold to the public as everything for everybody. Hope and change isn’t policy it’s hype… dreams…

Now the best way to seperate the man from the myth is to bleed him out, show what he is really made of… smoke and mirrors and nothing more.

Already his followers have, in the face of reality, scaled back their ‘dreams’. We must keep throwing this cold water on them… split them up…  make them see him as the hack that we know that he is. What am I talking about? MoveOn and DKos folks should end up feeling the exact same way about Obama as we all felt about Bush when he made the No Child deal with Teddy Kennedy

Now there are many, many ways to do this… but key to this is for all of us… and more importantly GOP members in the Senate to all stick together. Nobody wants to be the last GOP Senator to be between the masses and ‘free’ health care. So…

Take the House bill on health care… sure to be the furthest to the left… and announce it to be DOA… a non-starter. RNC… get ads out detailing just how bad it is… (however it might be) Then offer the GOP / Free market “compramise” Then let the House wingnuts go crazy. Then regert that we can’t reach a compramise. then call on Obama to personally come to us (the GOP Senate members) to broker the deal.

Then Obama is in a pickle… make a deal with the GOP… and get health care… and screw over his leftwing followers… or let the whole thing go down the tubes and ‘let down’ the rest of the country.

If… IF… the GOP can stay together… hold fast against the full weight of the screaming left… and bleed him on this, the first big bill… we will have him! The next time… every time… he wants to get something done he’s faced with that same choice… us or them… and them means no deal.

By spring of 2010 the left with be crazed with the success of the ‘GOP’ agenda… something that we had better be throwing in their face. and that gives us, the GOP, something to run on in 2010.

Stand fast guys! Split the left and bleed him… cut him up and bleed him out!