The Big Picture

You guys are making my teeth hurt over there


Six blind men describing an elephant… each right in their own way… each missing The Big Picture.

For the Democrats sitting where we are now in early 2005, The Big Picture was to win. In 2005 Obama was still a skinny little kid that gave one good speech. They didn’t know him, he didn’t know them. This election was not the product of Obama… Obama was the product… slipped into a pre-formed program. The system was in place it could have been Obama, or Hillary, or Sham-WOW! It didn’t matter much… oh, change the color and typeface and we’re on our way.

So to win, they developed, and brought together these 5 items:






None of these would have worked nearly as well as they all did together. To use military terms a Combined Arms approach… whereas:

Combined arms is an approach to warfare which seeks to integrate different arms of a military to achieve mutually complementary effects.

Now of those 5, how many did the GOP have right in 2008? Yup… none.

Taken on their own, each is important… but not as important as the whole.

I do not propose to have all the answers to all these things. But I’ll make some observations on each.

Money – Where is our George Soros? While one might wonder just how many of those pre-paid Visa cards came from him his roll was much more important… seed money. We need one or two… no more than three guys to step up and but in 10, 20 million worth of seed money to get some of this (all the rest) off the ground. Sean, Rush, I’m looking at you! We, the right, have made you successful beyond your wildest dreams… time to put something back.

Message – Freedom, rights, and small government. Remember KISS… ‘keep it simple, stupid.’ “We” need to settle this with the Country Club moderates before we can move on as it were.

Organization – The left has the wingnuts, ACORN and the unions. Why can’t we have every Evangelical Congregation in the country?I’m willing to bet real money that there are vastly more Evangelicals than there are wingnuts, ACORN and the unions.

Technology – truly important… but not as important as having people that WANT TO USE IT! A truly crappy site like Craig’s List draws people to it… because they want to be there. It works… but only works for those that have a need of it. Find a job, sell a car, meet a hooker… when you want it it’s there… it works but it’s butt ugly. A well crafted site with all the graphic bells and whistles isn’t going to do much it people have no reason to visit. The point: give them some reason to go to it and they will… not the other way around.

Candidates – The GOP has had a really tough time recruiting… with the state of everything else is this any surprise? Get the money to get things going, get the message on track, start building the organization, use the Technology to tie it all together, and good, young, articulate candidates will start getting on board.

Combined Arms – each working with the other…

I know this is the broadest of broad outlines and that I raised many more questions than I answered… but each of these must be built, each question answered, and THEN the Technology built for the battlefield.