Conservatives and Compromise

An Instructive Lesson in Our Modern Media and Government

Perhaps you saw the headlines: “GOP Senators Kill Auto Bailout”

Which is what the MSM the Democrats and the union wish you to know

The perhaps you know what actually went on as detailed by Larry Kudlow:


In truth, the UAW is to blame.

If Sen. Corker’s plan had prevailed, with UAW support, many believe it would have had 90 votes in the Senate. GM could have gone forward with a clean-as-a-whistle balance sheet under a three-part restructuring plan that included a $60 billion bond-refinancing cram-down, a renegotiation of the $30 billion VEBA health-care trust, and a pay-restructuring plan that would put Detroit compensation levels in line with those of foreign transplants Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and BMW.

Average compensation for the Detroit little three is $72.31. Toyota’s average wage is $47.60, Honda’s is $42.05, and Nissan’s is $41.97, for an average of $44.20. So Corker’s idea was to bring that $72 a lot closer to that $44. (Corker notably knocked out Korean carmaker Kia, which has super-low wages.)

Corker’s plan also was constructed in true compromise fashion. Among the negotiators were reps from GM, Chrysler, and Ford, and bondholders like fixed-income giant PIMCO. Critically, UAW representatives also were in the negotiating room, with an open line to Gettelfinger back home.

During the negotiations Corker tried to be as compromising as possible on the tough question of wages, benefits, and overall compensation. He asked the union to be competitive, but he never specified parity or complete equality with the foreign transplants. And Corker provided that the comp-package would be certified next year by the secretary of Labor — an Obama selection. In addition, the Senate governing the package would be made up of 58 Democrats, rather than today’s 50.

I call your attention again to two lines in the report:

“Corker’s plan also was constructed in true compromise fashion.”

“During the negotiations Corker tried to be as compromising as possible…”

Corker negotiated in good faith… in a “true compromise fashion”

Our opponents do not. And to the point then the MSM hides all this from the public.

Corker didn’t even ask for specific wage and cost concessions… only a date for them to be worked out.

But the UAW refused to make concessions. Instead, it insisted it would only renegotiate its current contract when it ends in 2011. That was the sticking point that killed the deal.

But the headline still read: “GOP Senators Kill Auto Bailout”

What can we take away from this?

There is no profit in compromise with the left.

The left doesn’t negotiate in good faith, because they know that they don’t need to… compromise to them means that you give them what they want… nothing more and nothing less. Add in that all their ‘sins’ are swept away by the media… and why should they act any other way?

Therefore we should not do so… ever. Again I point out… there is no profit in it. Let the Democrats do all this heavy lifting… this is their mess… (Fannie/Freddie, outrageous union costs and demands) let them clean it up.

Therefore we should not do so… ever.

Hear that Sen. Kit Bond? They… unions, Democrats and the media won’t like you anyway, no matter what you say or do, no matter how much to support them come the election in 2010 they will run against you, UAW funds will be used to try and defeat you, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch will indorse your Democratic challenger…

All your “support” will be as worthless as an Eric Mink editorial

Conservatives… Republicans… heed this call…

No compromise, FIGHT!

No negotiation, FIGHT!

No bi-partisanship, FIGHT!

We here on the right are going to be watching and seeing which of you are lapdogs and which are pit bulls… My support will only go to the pit bulls