A Look At a "New" GOP

I reject the whole proposition that anything is wrong with the Republican Party. other than we need to gt back to being… Republicans.

(Sen McCain: Thanks for everything. Now go home, and leave the rest of us alone)

There are things that as a group we need to do better. We need to:

We need to communicate better, especially working around the Mainstream Media

We need to integrate our efforts… party, think tanks, elected officials, new media 527s and the internet

We need to be more like the Democrats… not in program, but in fighting.

Communication – John McCain just a few short months ago a media darling… until he just might actually win… then poof! Hell these last two weeks if John McCain would have healed a cripple the headline the next day would have been ‘McCain forces man back to work’ This will only grow worse as the MSM works full time to make the Obama Administration a success.

“You know what?” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said last week. “I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work.” Asked by morning host Joe Scarborough whether that was his job, Matthews said: “Yeah, that’s my job, because this country needs a successful presidency more than anything right now.”

Funny — it’s hard to recall many journalists saying they wanted to make Ronald Reagan’s or George W. Bush’s presidency work. But there it is… to be successful we must get our message out without or in spite of, the Mainstream Media.

Integration – We must get all parts of the conservative political movement all working together… those talking points we talk about the Democrats having. Our media, the internet, the party… everybody getting out the same message. NBC, CNN, Daily Kos, Huffington, MoveOn, ACORN, all worked together. We need to replicate this model.

And where are our ‘George Soros?’ Where are the guys on our side that can A) bring it all together and; B) pay for it all. Rush, Hannity, I’m looking at you guys… you make tens of millions… time to pony up… and put the arm on others to do so. Ten guys at ten million each and we have a war chest.

Fighting like Democrats – Ask yourself: Why did the Democrats win? I think the big reason is they’ve been at it for eight full years. The Democrats didn’t so much as win the 2008 election as they kept at it until they finally won the 200 election. Hell they ran against Bush in 2008. Tokk ‘em 8 years but they finally beat Bush.

Bush did not have a single day of his administration that he was not attacked, decried, abused and berated. About this time in Nov 2000, those on the left began the unending assault on George W Bush. Bush worked with Democrats, tried to ‘change the tone’ in Washington… worked with Kennedy on No Child Left behind. Gave the Democrats Medicare Part D.

For 8 years these spiteful repugnant attacks continued… through the attack on 9/11 two wars, and now a rough economy.

8 years worth… it took them 8 years.

We need to give the Democrats the same ‘back of the hand’ as Bush got. Every day. No cooperation, none. Certainly no honeymoon for Obama. Unending attacks day in day out. Everything they do is wrong. Nothing is right. Use the rules of Congress to fight every bill… take no ‘earmarks’ and scream at Democrats that do. All the while pleating with Obama to uphold his promise to bring change and to work with us. If he does, we were right all along… if he tries and can’t get the votes from Democrats in Congress, then he is a failure. If he ignores the GOP then he is a liar.