A Simple Thought

Most anyone will tell you: I’m a simple guy. No, really… I’m simple.

Simple thoughts, left, right, good, bad, up, down.

Simple food… good food, made well, but without complications.

My designs, I’m an Architect, are more often than not also simple: I’m a ‘less is more’ kind of guy to be sure.

We Republicans are not having a good year… maybe we won’t have a very good election.

That’s simple enough.

Now… maybe we can turn that around, maybe not.

But even if we can not… what can we do, what can we all do, simply, to make the Democrats lives a little… well less simple.

Demand at the local grass roots level that each of the 435 Democrats running for the House answer this one question… on the record:

“Do you support lower gas prices by increased drilling of known reserves in North America?”

A simple yes or no. No ‘we can’t drill our way out’, no mush-mouth, inside the beltway, consultant vetted answers… yes or no. Remind him (her) that; ‘we are simple folks here Congressman, we only know what we see at the grocery store and at the pump. A simple yes or no please.’

Of course, if you are with them in public… and they say no, or something like no, you can then ask any or all of the following:

‘Then you support higher oil prices resulting in both high food costs and higher gas prices for people at the pump?’


‘You don’t support the increase in good paying, union jobs, new drilling in the US would bring?’

‘Please explain to me how not having more of something will bring down the cost. Aren’t fresh foods, fruit and vegetables, cheaper in the summer when more are growing all over the country, not just in Florida or California?’

This fall, just a couple of people, say two, in each Congressional district, should do the trick. 870 people… only 870 people.

870 people asking one simple question. Can it change the course of the nation?

Maybe… simply.