North Carolina's 9th Congressional District

North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District is represented by Sue Myrick, who recently won re-election to an 8th term in Congress. Her opponent in the most recent election was one Harry Taylor, who gained a measure of notoriety back in 2006 when he chastised President Bush about the Iraq War and other issues at a Q&A session at a local community college. Despite the amount of popularity this may have brought him among the BDS crowd (and others who translated their loathing of Bush into a vote for Obama), her margin of victory was a comfortable 62-36%.

NC-09 draws a ring around most of suburban Charlotte, with the exception of the eastern portions. This is quite purposeful, as the more central and urban areas of Charlotte are located in NC-12, represented by Black Congressional Caucus Member Melvin Watt, in a majority-minority district that stretches 100 miles up I-85 all the way to Greensboro. As expected, Rep. Watt ‘s record is slightly to the right of Lenin, and has an ACU rating of 3.47 (Myrick’s is 95.02). So in summary, it can be stated that NC-12 is virtually unobtainable, and if NC-09 is ever competitive, the socialist revolution is complete.

Map of NC-09

Map of NC-12 (classic case of gerrymandering)Rep. Myrick’s record is strongly conservative. At the forefront of her efforts recently is illegal immigration. A series of fatal DUI crashes in North Carolina caused by illegal immigrants prompted her to take a hard line on this issue, including pushing for the punishment of employers who knowingly hire illegals as well as automatic deportation of illegals convicted of DUI. Additionally, she supports beefing up the Border Patrol and the creation of dedicated facilities in North Carolina to handle illegal immigrants.

In other issues, Rep. Myrick voted NO on the first bailout bill, and then succumbed to the hysteria on the retry and voted YES. She co-sponsored the Death Tax Elimination act, and has a solid record of tax cutting. She has received a grade of A from the NRA, and 18% rating from the NEA (that’s a good thing). Finally, she has supported President Bush on the Iraq war at all turns.

Again, the way the districts are carved in NC, this should be a safe seat for the GOP for the foreseeable future, barring serious missteps.