Can Scott Brown actually win fast enough in Massachusetts?

Can Scott Brown actually win fast enough in Massachusetts?

Here’s the rub if Scott Brown doesn’t win by some overwhelming majority the Democrat Machine in Massachusetts will in all likelihood somehow misplace the absentee ballots, (largely known to be GOP votes) as they have done repeatedly in other races, then he will lose buy a small margin.

Ironically, if he does win by just enough without the absentee votes The Massachusetts States Attorney can delay seating him while they wait for the absentee votes to come in for ten days, then there is that five days of counting they are allowed after that. Not until then will they certify the vote, even if it is statistically impossible for him to lose.

Effectively leaving Paul Kirk in place as senator long enough to keep their majority and vote for Obamacare.

Nevertheless, if you do not think they will do it, remember they changed Massachusetts law to allow the Governor to appoint Kirk in the first place.

Browns winning will still do the GOP a lot of good, it serves as a referendum on Obama and his policies, but will it be too late?