Wall Street Mores?

 How can anyone be surprised that members of the Wall Street “criminal cabal” are back in business? A few years ago, some of the dirtiest dogs slinked out of downtown Manhattan, supposedly in disgrace for their role in plunging America into (near) ecomic collapse. Remarkably, however, many of them reappeared a short time later, with their greedy, cankerous paws all over the government’s financial sector! Republicans, democrats, independents, anarchists, etc, joined at the hip by their insatiable desire for “more”. They are master manipulators, using confusion and fear to disorient, so that attention can be controlled and easily diverted. They are divisive; pitting one against the other, because a house divided cannot stand. Have there ever been so many diabolical and corrupt politicians inside the Beltway? Today, the United States seems destined to demise, not because of nefarious, unforeseen circumstances, but because of ruthless, rich and powerful people seeking to build a so-called, “global community” (where they can grow richer and more powerful). We have a broken government, infested with immoral leaders; people seeking the immediate gratification brought about by gaining (more) wealth and (more) power. They are not concerned that the United States is tumbling into the Abyss, as long as they get “their’s”, first. They are far more concerned with the success of globalization, than the success of the United States.