America's looming demise, no longer "if", but "when".

Barack Obama is earning some new nicknames, like “master of deception” and “maestro of misdirection”. Why? Because while we are all focusing on the trauma in Libya, Japan, and elsewhere, we are not worrying about the state of the US economy; more importantly, we are not worrying about the growing international status of the United States as the biggest deadbeat debtor in world history.


Thus far, the governments of both Bush and Obama have managed to keep many Americans dazzled and bamboozled, but that con is coming to its inevitable end. In fact, everyone not caught-up in pointless political antics, engineered by slick politicos in Washington, already recognizes the warning signs. It looks as though the proverbial chickens really are coming home to roost.


Our congressional master manipulators are doing little to help; not Republicans and not Democrats. They’re piling it on thick to anger and agitate us. Why, because agitated and angry people waste and misdirect a lot of energy. The truth is that their message is composed of bunk and malarkey. Most of our leaders, who cannot deny what’s really going on financially, couldn’t care less about you and me; those folks are getting ready to fly the coop as soon as the need arises. The rest of us will remain in a terrifying mess, amidst a broken economy, and millions of scared and directionless Americans. The rich often say that money is not all that it is cracked-up to be; the time is fast approaching when having a lot of money (not US dollars) is going to separate survivors from victims.

Just look at the road signs. The price of a barrel of oil is skyrocketing. Therefore, the price of gas and diesel fuel has doubled in the last year and continues to rise. As the cost of diesel fuel spikes, the price of almost everything else must increase as well because we are dependent on diesel to fuel the vehicles that deliver goods. It is very simple, logical, and frightening. The price of nearly everything, from precious metals to soybeans, is growing more and more expensive. The price of gold has shot-up by some astronomical percentage. You don’t have to be Milton Friedman to understand that this cannot go on forever without severe consequences.


Every now and then, an honest little peep slips through the cracks. We hear from someone, somewhere, that the American dollar is crumbling, before the lid is slammed shut again amidst a swirling mix of utterly meaningless verbal nonsense from our legislators and governmental executives. (See, for example, www.endofamerica14.com) Their only move at this stage is to keep us all so busy pointing the finger at one another, that the looming economic doomsday is put on the back burner before the public can begin to understand the enormus gravity of the situation. The public is not told how serious things are because it would cause a panic. There would be a run on banks, on food, on gas, on everything we need to survive. The panic would soon spiral out of control and panic-driven violence and hysteria would take control. Can you even imagine the current crop of politicians dealing with that situation? The time to act is now.


No one who has been alive for thirty years or more can deny how things are sliding. Americans seem to thrive on thinking things will be better tomorrow; tomorrow will be a better day. Since the 1970’s, we have been hearing bits and pieces about our failing economy. We have heard that our government is paying debts by printing money. Why the shear lunacy of printing money to pay debts is no longer important. The time has come when our attention must be on the economic crisis. We may not be able to stop it, but we certainly could be much better prepared.


Our government has no excuse for shirking their duty. It’s time for our government representatives to focus their attention on the people in the United States instead of the people in other countries. The simple truth is that the United States does not have money to ship overseas. Until we get our own house in order, we cannot afford to fight wars, temporarily protect foreigners from their hostile governments, or do anything else that is not about America’s own, economic recovery. What good will we be to anyone, anyway, if our economy crumbles?