Unions and Politicians...Recipe for Charlie Foxtrot

Mar 16, 2011

I hope every fair-minded American citizen has watched the recent piece on Fox News about teacher’s unions. A bigwig, union boss, is on-camera and popping-off about how union management couldn’t care less about schools, teachers and the children they teach. He states that at his levelof the game” it is all about “money and power”. He laid it out so simply that even a first grader educated in Wisconsin Public Schools could probably grasp the key points. The gruff, tough-looking union spokesman made it crystal clear that, “the union today is all about money and power.” With a crooked smile on a plaster face, he declares that the union has ‘millions of members who do what they are told, when they are told to do it. In the process, hundreds of millions of dollars in union dues from rank and file members are collected by the bosses’ [for the bosses.]



Anyone who can read these lines without becoming mad as hell is either: 1. a politician bought and paid for by the union; 2. a union boss with a pet politician; 3. brain-dead; or, 4. a liberal.



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