It is indisputable that Barack Hussein Obama, as an adolescent and young man, developed a thorough understanding of Islamic teachings. Therefore, it is illogical to assume that, as an adult, he is unaware that sharia refers to both the Islamic system of law and the totality of the Islamic way of life. As such, he knows that devout and fanatical Muslims adhere to a strict construction of sharia, which gives rise to Jihad (to replace secular democracy with Islamic Sharia).i[i]

Sharia Law is, among other things, antithetical to American Law, American Civil Liberty and the United States Constitution. Many actions sanctioned under Sharia Law are illegal in the United States, including: cruel and unusual punishment; forfeiture of private property by non-Muslims; harsh discrimination against women and all non-Muslims; severe restrictions imposed upon religious freedom; and many more.ii[ii]

Can President Obama support the establishment of traditional Islam in America without compromising his sacred oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution? In his numerous television appearances, has President Obama ever discussed the alarming incompatibility between Islamic Sharia and American Jurisprudence?


[ii] See, You Tube – The Islamic Infiltration, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFOnv3xiKPU&feature=channel