Bestowed By Our Creator...

Lately you can practically hear liberal elitists snickering over the prospect of crushing the few remaining news forums available to republicans and conservatives. Just imagine the consequences of having one political party controlling every scintilla of news and information made available to the public. Only facts and information favorable to the ruling regime would be presented and no meaningful opposition to the government would be tolerated.

During the past 22 months, it has become painfully obvious that the distance between single-party control, and the current manipulation of the media by the far left, is woefully short. Without a free press, questions about illegal aliens, open borders, Obamacare, the Ground Zero Mosque, and many others, would never be asked. Even if questions were allowed, the liberal elite would carefully edit them to insure that only issues favorable to the ruling regime would be examined. The public would quickly and quietly be lulled into a false, but comfortable, sense of security.

In a worst-case scenario, the size and power of the federal government would grow exponentially. A small group of liberal elitists would begin dictating everything we could do, think, and say. The tendrils of an enormous federal bureaucracy would begin dipping into every aspect of an individual’s personal life. Liberal bureaucrats would control virtually every aspect of our existence, including: the sex and number of children permitted; our diet; our occupation; the content of books; the regulation of entertainment; even how long we lived before being euthanized; the possibilities are boundless. Businesses would be subjected to a myriad of intrusive regulations. The era of the “American entrepreneur” would come to screeching halt. The economy would go flat as the monolithic government demanded enormous tax increases to support its burgeoning operation.

We would wind-up like China, North Korea, Iran, or worse. Liberal globalists, such as Clinton, Carter, and Obama, would snatch the keys to the kingdom. American history would be reinvented to suit the new regime’s policies. The political indoctrination of schoolchildren would become as common in America as it is in North Korea. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence would be revised and rewritten or abandoned wholesale. The America envisioned by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and other patriots would be dead and buried.

Our current president’s distain for America should be a red-alert emergency wake-up call. For the president of this great nation to adopt the attitude of an appeasement-seeking apologist is beyond credulity. President Obama’s propensity to concentrate on America’s detractor’s criticism, instead of acknowledging America’s vast contributions to the world community, would be unbelievable if not actually happening right before our eyes. It is frightening, but it must be understood, that such inappropriate presidential conduct would become the norm if radical leftists gain control of the media.

President Obama and his drones are continuing the liberal’s “de-Americanization” of America. Creeping socialism has never threatened the core beliefs of so many Americans as it does today. Like an enemy within, it threatens the fundamental freedoms that may Americans have taken for granted for decades. Obama and his minions are far more interested in seeing America ruled by a global government, than in preserving the unique freedoms that make America the greatest nation on earth. We will either stop taking our freedom for granted, or global socialists will take away our inalienable right, bestowed by our Creator, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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