Fox News, Freedom of the Press, & Barack Hussein Obama

Last week, President Obama attacked Fox News. He said the viewpoints expressed on Fox were not “good” for America. Fox’s apparent crime was reporting news and opinion not in complete accord with Obama’s socialist agenda. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Obama and the Congressional liberal elite have also threatened to censor conservative talk-radio programs and to implement governmental regulation of the Internet.

It takes very little effort to expose the extent to which liberal bias infects the mainstream media. The liberal left’s talking points are constantly repeated on almost all the mainstream television networks, in every major newspaper, and in virtually all the national news magazines. Conversely, non-leftists are basically limited to Fox News, the Internet, and handful of talk-radio programs. Even a diehard democrat could not honestly dispute the liberal left’s overwhelming advantage in disseminating information. That is why the left’s attempts to silence the few conservative venues is exceptionally serious. Why this fear of FOX?

Every wannabe dictator has started-out by silencing the opposition. It is an essential element in the bid to seize power. Americans should be extremely concerned that their government has begun following this path. Make no mistake; governmental control of the news sounds the death Nell of a free and democratic society.

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