Mayor Mike's Mega-Mosque.....

Considering the overwhelming majority of Americans who firmly support the relocation of the proposed Ground Zero Mosque, it is disheartening, at best, that some liberal politicians are more interested in using the mosque as a pawn in their game of partisan politics, than honorably discharging the obligations of their offices. A few leftist politicians have even stooped so low as to characterize Americans opposing the mosque as: enemies of democracy, haters of religious freedom, racists, Islamophobes and worse.

Nothing could more adequately illustrate this point than the ongoing antics of New York City‘s liberal, leftwing mayor, Michael Bloomberg. “Mayor Mike” has staunchly supported the conspiracy to erect a multi-million dollar, thirteen story mega-mosque over Ground Zero, from day one. In an arrogant, slap-in-the-face to all New Yorkers opposing the mega-mosque, Bloomberg even suggested that money collected in payment of their New York City taxes, be used to help build the controversial mosque. Bloomberg’s improbable advocacy for the politically charged mega-mosque, is so completely contrary to the consensus of the overwhelming majority of the Mayor’s constituents, that serious questions about the Mayor’s underlying motivation must be answered. Residents of New York City learned, long ago, to beware ulterior governmental motives, in general; however, since Michael Bloomberg appeared on the scene, even more careful scrutiny has become increasingly necessary.
Before Michael Bloomberg became mayor, he was a billionaire businessman. After he is mayor, he will still be a billionaire businessman. Bearing this in mind, would it be surprising to learn that Mayor Mike’s zealous support for the dubious mega-mosque has little to do with upholding the Constitution, but springs, instead, from personal business and financial concerns? According to sources, in 2009 or 2010, entities controlled by Bloomberg began extensive ventures in the Mid-East, establishing a business epicenter in Dubai. Is it possible that Mayor Mike’s fervent support for the Ground Zero mega-mosque is really a clandestine effort to create as much goodwill as possible for his fledgling business ventures in Arab countries? Actually, a better question would be, “Is there really any room for doubt?”

Mike Bloomberg has already managed to manipulate a highly unusual third term as New York City’s mayor. Thankfully, he has no chance of finagling a fourth term. However, from his lame duck, political perspective, he no longer has anything to fear by thumbing his nose at New Yorkers and civil procedure. If information about the expansion of Bloomberg’s billion-dollar business empire into Middle Eastern countries is true, generating as much goodwill as possible in Arab countries would be a logical business decision; countries largely inhabited by hard-line Muslims. Bloomberg’s cavalier, “hands-off” policy, becomes even more suspicious considering allegations that many Muslims, both foreign and domestic, believe a mega-mosque towering over Ground Zero, would forever memorialize Islam’s [perceived] victory in New York on 9-11.

Fortunately, those opposing the Ground Zero mega-mosque are not easily discouraged, even when challenged by an arrogant, billionaire egomaniac, like Michael Bloomberg. Seriously threatening the economic well-being of Mayor Mike’s financial empire may be the most practicable way to gain his attention. Simply turning-off the Bloomberg News Network would be an excellent beginning. A boycott of the goods and services of Bloomberg-connected businesses will achieve the objective that much faster. Refusing to conduct business with entities supporting and advertising on Bloomberg’s Network(s) will also prove effective. If the goal is forcing a businessman to take you seriously, reducing the profit margin of businesses he controls is generally a safe place to start. Before long, boycotts aimed at the entire Bloomberg business empire will be in full swing. As financial pressure increases, Bloomberg will finally be forced to investigate dubious sources of funds collected to build the mega-mosque and to determine if sponsors are tied to terrorist organizations. Otherwise, financial damage to his empire will continue to increase accordingly.

The foregoing demands are merely common sense measures any prudent mayor would have immediately implemented when serious questions about the mega-mosque first arose! What’s Mayor Mike’s excuse? He alleges building a mega-mosque over Ground Zero is a “Constitutionally protected activity” under the “Freedom of Religion” provision of the First Amendment. Any mediocre, first year law student, could cite half-a-dozen reasons why the “religious freedom” argument is total malarkey – as a matter of law. Is Mayor Mike placing the demands of potential terrorists ahead of the legitimate concerns of New Yorkers; or, do his personal business concerns provide a better explanation for his bizarre behavior?

The mere fact that the government of New York City has deteriorated to such a degree that the mayor must literally be forced to honestly execute the duties and responsibilities of his office, is a sad and stark commentary about the apparent extent of corruption riddling the City government. While any governmental corruption is clearly unacceptable, it would be truly unforgivable if Mayor Bloomberg has selfishly placed his own financial interests ahead of the interests of the citizens he swore to represent and protect.
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