Avoiding the Leftist Implosion...

Self-righteous liberals, including politicians, members of the main street media (“MSM”), and many Democrats, are engaging in a vendetta against people and institutions that challenge lefist ideology. Leftist liberals apparently believe that Republican and/or Conservative viewpoints result from a fundamental misunderstanding of the liberal paradigm. This sort of nonsense underscores how critical it has become for the people to take-back America and begin implementing a policy of small government and reduced taxation; such as President Reagan championed in response to the moral and economic carnage wrought by the disastrous, Jimmy Carter Experiment, circa 1980. Nothing less than “high alert” will suffice, because the liberal socialists, who are now busily engineering the ” Obama Experiment”, are barreling down the same super highway to destruction that the Carter administration has already proven ends in a catastrophic implosion. It is ironic that liberals, portraying themselves as endlessly patient and tolerant, are actually composed of the most fanatic and intolerant people imaginable.

Not long ago, elected officials considered representation of the people’s concerns to be their sworn duty. That basic understanding has always formed the heart of democratic society and cannot be overemphasized; forsaking this basic tenet can only lead to dire consequences. In the contemporary United States, many of our elected officials have abandoned their “representative” capacity, choosing to impose their own will and ideology, instead. Leftwing liberals from all three branches of government, President Obama, members of the bench, and many Senators and Representatives, have arrogantly forsaken their obligation to honestly represent the will of the people – not based upon their own personal preference and prejudice.

The MSM no longer “reports” the news. Today, the MSM is largely comprised of individuals sympathetic to the politics of the left. Their allegiance to the left has caused the MSM to ignore news and information unfavorable to the leftist agenda. They have not only participated in this news blackout, they have labored to blur the line between news and opinion – often expressing commentary as fact. An excellent illustration is their widespread practice of referring to opponents of the proposed mosque over Ground Zero as Islamophobes, racists, and worse. Partisan politics and personal considerations dictate the content and importance of practically every news item they report, rather than a sense of responsibility to provide an unbiased, factual account of events. At some point, a line was crossed and the job of “reporting” became a shameless attempt to “persuade.” This has become so rampant throughout the MSM that many “news reports” sound more like editorial commentary, than an unbiased account of relevant facts. “Newscasters” aligned with a political party, acting as spokespersons for that ideology, signal the end of democratic society.

Probably the most prescient, contemporary illustration of this phenomenon, involves the construction of the mosque over Ground Zero. Even though more than seventy (70%) percent of Americans oppose construction of the Ground Zero Mosque (“GZM”), almost all of the news and commentary reflects the minority viewpoint, favoring the GZM. News stories are rife with claims that building a mosque over Ground Zero will “foster understanding” between Muslims and non-Muslims, beginning a “process of healing the scars” wrought by the terrorist attack on 9-11. Reports also emphasize the belief that the right to build a mosque over Ground Zero is absolute, guaranteed by the “Freedom of Religion” clause of the First Amendment. Furthermore, it is widely reported that the real reason Americans oppose the mosque is because Republicans, and talk-radio personalities, have whipped listeners into an unfounded and irrational Islamophobic frenzy. They claim that most mosque opponents have no understanding of Islam; that they are ignorant.

Although the MSM continually broadcasts and prints stories expressing the liberal left’s viewpoint, it largely ignores or gives short shrift to contrary viewpoints. For example, people opposing construction of the mosque over Ground Zero argue that it will fail to “foster understanding” and will actually undermine “understanding,” and even breed contempt of Muslims. They say that the simple act of relocating the mosque to a non-controversial location will foster significant “healing and understanding,” the widely advertised reason for building the mosque in the first place. People against the GZM say that the refusal to “even consider” an alternative location constitutes a hostile and provocative act, in and of itself. Moreover, opponents claim that survivors of victims of 9-11, as well as others, consider Ground Zero to be hallowed ground. They deem it insensitive and highly inappropriate to build this mosque so close to Ground Zero; especially considering the claims that many Muslims, both domestic and abroad, will view the GZM as a memorial to honor the psychopathic perpetrators of 9-11. They also assert that erecting a mosque over Ground Zero is putting the cart before the horse, in lieu of the fact that the “Freedom Tower,” to honor all the victims of the terrorist attack, has yet to be built.

A verbal attack made by CBS News anchor, Katie Couric, exemplifies the point. During a recent “Nightly News” broadcast, Couric painstakingly enumerated all the reasons to build a mosque over Ground Zero. She hardly even mentioned any of the reasons why so many people oppose the mosque, concluding that “Islamophobia” constitutes the real reason people oppose the mosque. Although leftward-leaning newscasts on CBS, NBC, and ABC, are all hemorrhaging viewers, Couric’s waning popularity is the most critical. She is discovering that blindly supporting leftwing liberal policies, while failing to give any meaningful voice to other viewpoints, is fraught with unwanted consequences. Independents, Conservatives, Republicans, and others who find viewpoints of the radical left repugnant, are becoming more fully aware of the extent to which the MSM disregards and belittles their beliefs. This knowledge is leading to a great exodus of viewers from network news, but not nearly fast enough.

The MSM will “understand” financial pressure brought about by a boycott. After all, ultimately the public pays the salaries of members of the MSM. If people on the right make a concerted effort to boycott members of the MSM who broadcast or print stories unfairly offensive to their viewpoint, before long, these self-infatuated, leftwing elitists, will be thrown off the air. Until they provide the same coverage of the viewpoints of people on the right, they will not receive support. They are just businesses; undermine their financial lifeline and they will change, or perish. In the past, this kind of organization has been almost impossible because of the MSM’s monopolistic control of virtually every means of mass communication. They decided which stories to cover and which viewpoints to accentuate. This resulted in the viewer’s belief that their views were not in accord with the majority. This is not true, as has been made abundantly clear by the publicity surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque case. It is frightening that a small group of liberal elitists, relying on innuendo, half-truths, and outright lies, can hijack the news and wield such unfounded influence over opinions. As long as access to the Internet is available, and millions of people are learning about the leftist manipulation, the time is right to make lasting and meaningful changes. Once an orchestrated boycott of the MSM and their advertisers registers financially, fair coverage and respect will not be far behind.

Perhaps the most inexcusable enemy of non-liberals is President Obama. One day he seems to be doing his utmost to override the Constitution; but then, when it suits his leftwing agenda, he invokes rights and privileges enumerated in that document, like the “Freedom of Religion.” President Obama’s bias for Islam is beyond dispute. His record memorializes his marked tilt to the radical left. Bearing this in mind, it becomes obvious why he fully endorsed the developers of the Ground Zero Mosque (while in front of Muslims celebrating Ramadan at the Whitehouse.) The following day, however, apparently after high-ranking Democrats began complaining, he made comments intended to limit his prior full endorsement of the GZM.

President Obama and Democrats elected to office are unabashedly leftwing liberals who arrogantly consider themselves to be “The Ruling Elite.” Obama has made no secret of his socialist agenda – in his mad dash to expand the federal government as quickly as possible. The list of Obama’s actions, in direct opposition to the majority, is staggering, including: Obamacare; government control of banks and businesses; failed economic stimulus packages; irresponsible spending leading to irreconcilable national debt; support for the GZM based upon “freedom of religion.” The list grows longer and more catastrophic every day Obama remains in office.

The radical left, after years of tremendous national discord and a confluence of major problems, managed to seize control of the Democrat Party. In the November 2010 midterm election, voters will finally have an opportunity to exercise meaningful control over Obama and his regime. Unity and organization is the best way to regain control of an elitist government disconnected from the people. Unless we succeed in taking back America from the radical left, America may soon become more like a totalitarian dictatorship than a representative republic. Today, the choice is ours; tomorrow, it may not be.