Liberals remove the "free" from "free press."

CBS is still hard at work trying to ram the Ground Zero Mosque down America‘s throat. Wednesday night, CBS gave a national forum to Feisal Abdul Rauf, Imam, builder of mosques, so he could further spread liberal mosque drivel. In essence, Rauf claimed he could not “back down” because to do so would portray Muslim’s as weak. He said that if he had known the furor his mosque would generate, he would never have started it. Let’s see what he decides now that Donald Trump is offering him millions to move the mosque…..

Rauf has a perfect opportunity to mend the fences broken by his own recklessness, but refuses. He talks out of one side of his mouth to gullible Americans, and the other side to Islamic jihadists (members of the mosque where he prays?) Try to guess which side of his mouth is more believable.….

Equally disturbing was CBS’ interview of a survivor (of a 9-11 murder victim) who said he was in favor of the mosque. In fairness, CBS also interviewed a survivor against the mosque. CBS’ fraud is deliberately creating an impression that many survivors (of people murdered by psychopathic, militant Muslims), actually favored the mosque. In reality (remember reality, CBS) survivors have been among the most vociferous opponents to the mosque (perhaps more stringently opposed than anyone else.) CBS’ failure to mention that “inconvenient truth” is tantamount to lying via the sin of omission!

CBS has deteriorated into an untrustworthy puppet of Obama’s leftwing ideology. A few nights ago, CBS’ liberal leftist news anchor, Katie Couric, ranted about how great it would be to have a mosque over Ground Zero. She implied that mosque opponents were just ignorant Islamophobes.….

CBS and Couric are liberal lap dogs. That is the reason millions of Americans are turning CBS off for good. Who needs CBS’ “manufactured” truth – when the real “truth” is available on cable and the Internet? When the media becomes an advocate for a political ideology, you can remove the “free” from “free press”. As Obama and his drones slither and creep ahead, the similarities to dictatorships continue to mount and become ever more alarming.

Warning: Watch CBS and you will “C” “B.S.”….