GZ Mosque exposed

According to ABC, the wife of the infamous Imam spearheading the conspiracy to erect the Ground Zero Mosque, Daisy Khan, said:

[It’s] too late to back down…There is too much at stake…Constitutional rights, the development of the Muslims, how the world is watching the United States. We tell people America upholds religious freedom. We should not compromise those values.”

After Islamic psychopaths slaughtered over 3000 Americans, who really gives a damn what the world thinks? There is no legitimate Constitutional right at stake. Instead of lecturing Americans about compromised values, Daisy Khan’s efforts would be better-spent expelling murderous Islamic extremists from her religion. The GZM controversy has, ironically, served to further drive home the point that “Muslim development” is not about religious freedom, it’s about infiltration, domination, and control.

The overwhelming opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque demonstrates the vitality of America’s spirit – regardless of our socialistic President and his appeasement seeking drones.