No mosque, church, temple... Build a Memorial to 9-11's Victims & Heros on Ground Zero...

No memorial with religious affiliations is appropriate on, or near, Ground Zero. PERIOD!  Not Protestant; Not Catholic; Not Jewish; Not Hindu; Not Buhdist; Not Muslim…NONE, NOTHING, NIL!!!

Bloomberg’s and Obama’s time would be much better spent worring about the decade-long delay of the FREEDOM TOWER, instead of niggling over a mosque that is opposed by the overwhelming majority of Americans.

They can do the right thing for the right reasons at least once during their abysmal administrations; build the memorial to the murdered Americans and the Heros of 9-11, without parading all the foolish political garbage on which they both survive.

If they simply can’t do the right thing for the right reason, perhaps they can imagine that decades from now, when people look back at the construction of the FREEDOM TOWER, they’ll think, “Bloomberg and Obama got that built! They must have been leaders with true political vision!”

No matter how pathetic their true legacies, at least there will be one bright star. We obviously cannot appeal to a nonexistant sense of right and wrong, but an appeal to their vanity might succeed.

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