Treat illegal aliens fairly and withhold their right to vote.

The Obama Administration claims that the “fair treatment” of millions of aliens, already in the United States illegally, is the primary concern (and reason) for granting them citizenship. Conversely, opponents of amnesty, say Democrat’s “fair treatment claim,” is a bad faith smokescreen; the real reason is to recruit and register “millions” of illegal aliens, as new democrat voters, for the November, 2010, election. They claim Democrats believe that illegal, alien-beneficiaries of amnesty, will, quid pro quo, vote for Democrat candidates.

Since it appears that the Obama Regime will stop at nothing to force amnesty, regardless of existing voter’s overwhelming opposition thereto, at least make them keep their word:

A.) Conditionally permit illegal aliens to remain in the United States; but,

B.) Decline their right to vote in the midterm election.

This solution neutralizes the election fraud allegation of amnesty opponents, while also addressing Democrat’s concern that illegal aliens receive “fair treatment.” In addition, it sets a proper example for the global community; another stated consideration of the Obama Administration.

Democrats vehemently deny that their real goal is to garner millions of new votes for the November election, as a last minute attempt to maintain a majority in Congress. Reportedly, even President Obama has discussed these plans to influence the election (although he angrily denies the allegation.)

In sum, this midterm election may prove far more exciting than anyone ever anticipated.