Mexizona; No illegal alien interlopers.

Perhaps we can better understand our President’s attitude toward illegal aliens by reading his autobiography entitled: Dreams from My Father. The then-fledgling author recalls first arriving in New York City and his greeting by a short, sturdy, Pakistani who had himself arrived from London two years earlier. His name was Sadik. He recalls Sadik’s scathing wit and overwhelming desire to make money, observing that these characteristics were perfect for the mood of New York City. Sadik, with whom he shared an apartment, had overstayed his tourist visa and now earned a living waiting tables in New York’s “illegal, immigrant workforce”. See, Barrack Obama, Dreams from My Father, p. 118, Three Rivers Press, 2004. Thus, from well before 1995, when Dreams from My Father was first published, President Obama apparently harbored a very liberal outlook toward illegal aliens. How could he not, given the fact that he lived with one in New York City while attending school? 

Although this sheds light on President Obama’s position, it does not excuse the fact that he permitted Mexico’s President to denigrate Arizona in a joint news conference held on the White House lawn in May. Mexican President Felipe Calderon joined hands with President Obama as he blasted the Arizona statute (with President Obama’s obvious approval). Later, In a stunning display of hypocrisy, during an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Calderon stated that: ‘...immigrants attempting to enter Mexico are interviewed; their records are screened to weed-out criminals; and they cannot work without the express permission of the Mexican authorities. He further stated that anyone can be stopped in Mexico at anytime and without cause, especially near the border, and be required to provide papers proving their citizenship status. He said that aliens discovered in Mexico without authorization are fined, imprisoned and deported!!!!’ (CNN quickly censored Blitzer’s embarrassing treasonous act.) Can you say double standard? (The foregoing is what Mexico’s President Calderon is comfortable admitting to on Mexican-friendly-CNN in May. However, few of us have not heard Mexican law enforcement horror stories that include extortion, brutality, torture and murder.)

In a stinging and brilliant commentary Thursday, Mark Levin, on his daily WABC talk-radio show, broadcast live from New York City (6-9PM), suggested that the United States should simply codify Mexico’s immigration laws in our federal statutes verbatim. Just imagine what the Arizona-bashers would do! Will they now be lambasting Mexico the same way they are blasting Arizona??? If they are legitimate and truly care about what they say is a human right’s issue, they should certainly be lining-up at the airport to fly to Tijuana and take on the racist Mexican establishment. Except they are well-aware that Mexico would not tolerate such behavior for a split-second and, at a minimum, would immediately arrest, fine, imprison and deport the American liberals (minus all their money, of course). 

Frankly, these people wouldn’t dare confront Mexican authorities – seeking the same cheap thrill they get by attacking Arizona. It’s all about that warm, fuzzy feeling they get when they tell themselves (and one-another) that they are doing something that really matters. 

Let there be consequences and see how fast their behavior changes. These people are either disingenuous or grossly misinformed which explains their incorrect assertion that people in Arizona can be stopped for any reason and without cause. That is Mexico’s law; not Arizona’s. It is highly recommended that, unlike USA’s attorney general, Eric Holder, people actually read Arizona’s statute before attacking it and not rely on partisan politicians, word-of-mouth and the pathetic “drive-by*” media to provide the commentary, facts and circumstances!!!

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