No Mosque; First eradicate extremists within religion to gain "friendship & healing."

While no one is alleging that the Muslims behind the mosque project are involved in the jihad against the United States, given the history of Ground Zero, it is enormously disrespectful to build a religious symbol, shared by jihadists, over the sacred ground where Islam fanatics viciously slaughtered more than 3000 Americans.

Even if Muslim extremists have absolutely no connection to the proposed mosque, they will obviously perceive it as a major symbolic victory over America! Build the ostentatious mosque, just not over the graves of people senselessly murdered by the crazy Muslim extremists. Anyone who witnessed terrified civilians holding hands before silently plunging to their deaths from the heights of the World Trade Center would never consider this lunatic scheme. The mere appearance of impropriety is more than enough to slam the door.

It is sickening to hear politically correct, mush-minded, idiots comment that building a mosque over Ground Zero will be a symbol of “friendship and healing”! That sentiment is so out of touch with America’s backward, evil enemy, the jihad-maniacs, that they will be laughing at us as they chisel it on the grave stone marking our demise. Do not let the blessings of freedom be perverted and used against us.

Instead of building mosques, their time would be better spent rooting-out and eradicating the murderous extremists thriving within their religion. Stop these vermin from killing blameless civilians and spreading their poison to innocent Muslim children. Now there is an action that would buy a lot of “friendship and healing.”

But if you must build another mosque, build it in –New Jersey…..

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