Why it matters that Obama is not eligible to president.

I’ll try to respond to any questions relating to Obama’s eligiblity in this post. One person said that there was an announcement of his birth in the Honolulu Advertiser after his birth which I know is true. The parents are the one’s responsible for this annoucement and the neighbors say they have no knowledge of him even living there. His parents probably lied so that he would not get kicked out of the country for being an illegal alien or maybe it was planned. Source: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=83851 For those of you that smear worldnetdaily.com it is probably one the best sources that ask real questions for all politicians. I can not confirm that has birth certificate has been seen. That some Hawaii official has claimed to see the document but I think many elected no longer care about the constitution. As for Obama’s mother or grandmother’s U.S. citizenship they may or may not be U.S. citizen but I know the man he says is his father is/was not a U.S. citizen and both parents must be citizens of that country for a person to be a natural born citizen. For the person that said “So please don’t flay me for breaking protocol.” I’m not upset. I’m sure that many politicians of both parties don’t want to listen to reason or care. For the person who said the burden is on me I ask you to look at all the information I presented including the videos at www.youtube.com/citizengatescandal. As for the people that smear me by calling me a birther or a truther. I would rather be a birther than responsible for the death of the nation and I would rather be a truther than a liar. You can call me a conspiracy theorist but facts have a way of getting out and this is likely to get known about as long as their as freedom of speech. Don’t any of you find it interesting that he will not release any records related to citizenship (birth certificate, the passport he used to get to Pakistan in 1981, Indonesian school records, college records, parent’s birth certificate and citizenship records). Just because the Senate won’t do anything about it does not mean the Senate is right. It is not to late to have Obama removed for office and tried for treason. I know for a fact that there is no record of Obama or his mother being born in any hospital in Hawaii ever. I also know that the Kenyan ambassador to U.S. has stated there is a landmark to Obama’s birth place here. This issue matters because it is the law and he could be a Manchurian candidate that other countries are using to destroy the United States. The constitution is the law our nation was founded on and he promised to uphold it on January 20th, 2009 under oath. I will approve all the comments on my last post now that I have read them.