Are you guys crazy{,} or what?

I’ve been reading what passes for “{c}onservative” punditry {-} and I must say {that} I am scared for the future of this Great Nation. I keep reading posts saying how great a McCain{/}Palin White{ }{H}ouse would be{,} {and} {h}ow they would reform {not only} Washington{,} DC{,} {but} our entire federal government. {I} {Pronoun confusion} keep hearing {about} how Palin has and will cut “pork barrel spending{,}” but I don’t see any mention of the millions {that) she took for so{-}called Alaskan infrastructure projects. The McCain campaign claims {that} Ms. Palin is qualified to be Vice President because she heads the state that produces 20% of America’s energy {-} but in truth{,} Alaska only produces 3.5% of our energy. {I am} told Palin will not stand for “cronyism” {-} but she appointed numerous high school buddies to very important positions in Alaska{,} regardless of their lack of experience.
{}{}I should be careful before I’m accused of being sexist {-} {s}peaking of which, {I was} tortured with a week of crocodile tears and false claims of sexism. These claims were made for everything from questioning Plain’s experience{,} to comedic skits done on Saturday Night Live.

Are you people serious? The {McCain}-{Palin} camp has been shown to be full of liars{,} lobbyists{,} and charlatans {OK, this is one way to mangle the English language that I haven’t seen before. Impressive}. Yet I still read these reports on sites like WND/Red{S}tate/Human{ }Events/Fox{ }News {No, I don’t know why he added that one, either} e{tc}, claiming that these lies are actually facts. And you people have the audacity to speak of the {l}eft{-}{w}ing{‘s} {m}edia {b}ias? And when a member of the media has the tenacity {I think that the author meant “audacity,” or at least he meant something} to actually question {either} McCain or Palin they {the two} {although as originally written, yet another slip} become combative and defensive.

I’m not writing this to advocate for Obama in this election {Hey, it could be possible: he might just be masturbating}{;} I am {just} advocating the use of facts in political campaigns. Of course every campaign will {either} stretch or bend the truth to fit their needs {-} but to out and out lie about their opponents is beyond the acceptable {Sorry, but that’s just one too clumsy attempt to sound educated too far. What the heck would an unacceptable norm look like?} norm. But if the McCain campaign were to base{d} itself on the facts{,} this would be a one team race. {Whatever that means.}

{And now you why so many conservatives favor school choice. God help us, this was one of the more coherent ones. – Moe Lane}

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