Colbert Makes Political Comedy History: TRUMP

For years, Stephen Colbert entertained late night audiences and DVR-watchers with his sardonic caricature of cable news punditry. As a conservative, I could find the humor in his clever satire and most conservative pundits did as well.

On September 8, 2015, Colbert launched his own Late Show, taking over the slot of tenured David Letterman, and has provided a few memorable moments, but I’m a Jimmy Fallon guy myself.

That is, with the exception of last night. While Fallon gave a fine, and lighthearted interview with The Donald last week, Colbert made history. Making his round on the various talk shows, tRump (no, tHat is not a typo) has been working his charm on audiences and hosts and his latest stop left me breathless from laughter.

For years, we witnessed Colbert maintain face as a jovial conservative talker for, say eight minutes at a time with an interview. This time, he managed to host for twice as long with the biggest catch of them all. It turned irony on its ear and in my book will go down as the funniest, most spot on interview in political comedy history. The entire thing was tongue-in-cheek, but like his exchange with Hugh Hewitt during the CNN debate, tRump wasn’t in on the joke.

He just didn’t get it.

Here is just a sampling of the wit.

During his monologue, Colbert announced his guest:

Colbert 6




Colbert 5Colbert 3Colbert 1Colbert 2Colbert 4

You can see a clip of the interview here:

For the full video,
click HERE and enjoy.

The show closed out with Atlanta singer Raury making his network debut, and made it one to remember. As he donned a Mexican soccer jersey, with the name “TRUMP” crossed out on the back, he sang “Devil’s Whisper.” The lyrics rang loudly, “run, run from the devil, hide from the young boy trying to rule the world I see.”

The most fascinating aspect of the night was the lack of awareness by The Donald. For months, this mess of a candidate-to-be-taken-seriously has waxed philosophical with repetitive missives, inarticulate politicking and poetic insults toward anyone who dares oppose him. And nearly everyone has. He’s been mocked, imitated and derided at every turn. The biggest news of the day had been the revelation this man-child issued a vociferous cease-and-desist letter to Club For Growth over their attack ads. They used tRump’s own liberal words against him on taxes and disregard for property rights. The Club called tRump’s bluff and posted the letter for the world to see. Instead of intimidating conservatives, he instead exposed his vile immaturity a little more.

But the night was certainly made complete with Colbert’s perfectly executed display of humor. (It was so well-done that even The Atlantic fell for the joke.) From Iran to the border wall (“with a beautiful, big, fat door”), it was a symphony of hubris and humor.

It’s only a matter of time before the misguided, low-information voters that have invaded GOP polls move back into the shadows or find a better candidate. Good men have been forced out of this race already because of the clown show we’ve been forced to endure this season. But at last, on the final night of summer, Stephen Colbert closed it out with the satirical break we needed. A breath of crisp, fresh air that tRump could finally not control.

To the very end, tRump just didn’t catch on.



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