Bloggers Speak Out on Fox Providing Stunning Statistics re Media Bias

Found this post by a blogger on FOX in reference to “Is Sarah Palin being treated fairly by the media?” — Someone should look into the statistics provided; Time to Boycott my fellow conservatives Fox Forum re “Is Sarah Oalin Being Treated Fairly by Media

“this is for all the left wingers out there. now tell me again about the media.Thought you might be interested in these stats. I got them from Real Clear Politics dot com, and Media Research Center dot com, two unaffiliated research firms.Positive media coverage vs negative (print and broadcast media combined):Obama: 70% positive, 9% negative, 21% neutralMcCain: 26% positive, 40% negative, 34% neutralDemocrats: 40% positive, 17% negative, 43% neutralRepublicans: 18% positive, 38% negative, 44% neutralMedia campaign coverage time (print and broadcast media combined):Democrats: 49%Republicans: 27%Other: 24%Journalist party affiliation (print and broadcast media combined):Liberal: 73%Conservative: 22%Independent or other: 5%Is there any doubt left who they’re rooting for??”