Taken off Jake Tapper’s "Political Punch" ABC Blog in response to Palin article:

If anything will continue taking this country 360 degrees from what it was intended to be and what has made it the greatest country in the world, it is the continued promotion of liberalism (socialism is the appropriate diction). People used to comment on the decency of Americans – you think this accolade was the result of liberals? Think again. They didn’t even exist. Sure we have done some horrible things in the past, but we learn from our mistakes and attempt to right the wrongs. Since the liberals injected their poison into our local and national government and schools, via the so-called 1960’s peace movement, for which they still hold a stronghold, choking out and silencing any real free speech within our institutions of learning, unless you’re a geologist/naturalist who decides without any supporting empirical science that you know how we all came to be; or you’re the nut from Iran, Ahmadinejad, a member of a radial Muslim group or fake ones like the nation of islam, or a person whose decided you’re of a different gender than the body your trapped in, it is the Hollywood controlled DNC, their socialist agenda, and their indecent and hedonistic agenda. Where is the ACLU? Oh that’s right they are too busy representing the true fanatics and their support base. Silence the Church and the Judeo-Christian principles which is the cornerstone of the Constitution, our very freedom guaranteed by our “Creator, ” and the very foundation of law in this country; and replace same with bigger secular fed government, introducing more failed policies helping to keep the poor and needy in their respective places, all the while, making empty promises to them, which are never brought to fruition. Teach people how to fish, don’t continue to give them the fish. Wake up you secular socialists! If you hold to a Christian world-view, they stamp you with the fanatical stamp, hoping to steer anyone away from you and your ideology, yet they promote and propagate just about anything, and I mean anything contrasting same. Nobama is asked “what is evil?” He cannot even respond with a simple answer – doesn’t fair to well without a Teleprompter and the real machine behind his empty rhetoric. Jesus said it best, “they don’t turn to me because they love the darkness.” Wake-up America, the world is an evil place – have you read your history books lately, or are you too far removed focusing on your own self-centered interests, like nearly every actor supporting the current DNC? You think that humankind has changed in the past few centuries? Government in this country was set up to protect us from invaders, domestic and foreign, not much else – read the Constitution and study your history, although I would challenge you to find sources dating prior to the revisionist interpretations of same. For once the real fanatics world-wide are again afraid of the justice this country stands for, and rightly so – government is fulfilling its duty. You don’t support the war, but you support our troops? What kind of forked tongue do you speak with? Did you forget what just happened on 9-11? Do you not understand that there is a global effort of fundamentalist and fanatical Islam that does not give a damn about you or your children? These people will saw their heads off, and send the video around to further promote their cause – securing more of the world’s nuts with similar ideologies of their own. Fine; you want to appease them, then vote for Nobama. But don’t blame Bush for this. I guess it’s okay if your Clinton’s administration intervening in the former Yugoslav, but God forbid a Republican administration, after 9-11 takes a pro-active stance for a change. So what if we did not find WMD’s, they probably all made their way to Syria. Saddam tortured and killed thousands of innocent men, woman and children, and he was no different than Hitler or Stalin. No love loss here. Despite Hollywood’s marketing campaign, troops are reenlisting because they know they are making a difference and winning. Yet Nobama wants to send them home, basically saying to all of those who died, you died for nothing! At least HRC stood her ground. JFK’s democratic views and policies make him look like a conservative Republican in contrast to the current ticket. ALL of my friends in the military support the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, and NONE of them will be supporting Nobama come November. Are you liberals really that blind? It’s about time we are pro-active instead of waiting for fanatical Islam and the socialism movement to further reek havoc on our shores. Appeasement will get you the same as Poland and Czechoslovakia. Interesting, you would think Europe learned its lesson. Who do you think the terrorists want in power? Osama; oops, sorry, I meant Obama! The writing is on the wall.