White Man's guilt

Yes, I said it. I’ll be honest for one minute (all it takes to talk about Obama) and tell the truth from a white males perspective. I will be labeled as a racist. Someone who burns crosses in his free time, and has knooses hanging like ornaments from his pickup truck. I will not lie and say that I am not a racist, but it’s my own brand of racism. I hate the stereotype of all races, mostly just white and black. The cut off sleeves with tattoos and a mullet with a rebel bumper sticker on a beat up truck. The sticker proudly exclaims “It’s not hate, It’s history!” On the other side is the punk wannabe gangsta rapper wearing gold jewelry, but can’t afford a decent education. Modeling everything he/she sees from a BET rap video, and believing sincerly that democrats (like Obama) give a damn about their problems.
Then there’s the other type of white person. Middle class to upper middle class full of guilt about years of slavery, and then the segregation that followed. The type of white person who makes it a point when around people of color to say that they have black friends. To try to make it a point that they aren’t like “other white people”. They understand the struggle the minority population of this country has suffered because they “hang out” with their black friends. Of course their black friends are upper middle to middle class, college educated, Range Rover driving, Christians just like them.
I was raised in a middle class, white family, in the heartland of America. I never had any struggles per say, at least nothing on the range of living in government housing and surviving on welfare. I never had any black friends, in fact the town I grew up in only had one black family. I still don’t have any black friends, just people I have worked with and maybe gone out for a drinks on a couple of occasions. I have no idea what it’s like to be black. I don’t want to know. I am proud of who I am, the color of my skin, and my upbringing.
Why do I want to be like these other guilty white people and vote for Obama because he is black? They don’t know why they are voting for him. They don’t particularly care for his politics. They don’t like the fact that he belonged to a a church led by a race hating, finger pointing lunatic, namely the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Yet, they are voting for this man like he is the messiah, and walked on water to the polls to tell them that they must make amends for hundreds of years of slavery and racism. Why?
He promises so many things. Like every politician, McCain included, he must promise us stupid American voters the moon so when all he delivers is a clod of dirt we won’t be too upset. He promises only to raise taxes on anyone making more than X amount of dollars. The upper crust. The only problem with that wonderful idea is that the people who make more than X amount of dollars are the ones who employ everyone who makes less. So those who make less than Obama’s tax plan will still end up paying the price when jobs are lost and wages are cut. Good idea!
No politician is perfect. McCain isn’t going to be able to solve all the problems in this country. Palin isn’t the Mother Mary resurected to birth us a new Savior. But these two, in my opinion, haven’t promised us the world. They haven’t picked us up in their arms, patted us on the head, and told us vote for me and I’ll kiss all your boo-boo’s. Don’t base your vote on Hollywood theatrics, or the perceived guilt of your secret racist thoughts.