So, THIS was the “big thing” that the organization Better For America was working on and was thinking would be the “wow” indie candidate to excite the electorate and to challenge the system?

Let’s back up a bit and look at things in perspective, shall we?

Trump pretty much got the nomination when he won Indiana and Cruz dropped out. All the machinations between then and now in order to deny Trump the official nomination were not going to work. Believe me, I wished that they could. But, seriously, once Cruz bowed out Trump racked up the delegates to breach 1270. Come the convention time, any and all Never Trump and/or pro-Cruz contingents had no real chance to change things because it was on GOPe turf. And we all witnessed what the party establishment did along with the Trump campaign regarding the rules and the votes, the strong-arming and the booing.

Cruz’s organization made sure that the existing rules stayed in place in such a way that if Trump was denied the 1270 at the convention, then the only other choice could’ve been Cruz and only Cruz (due to the 8-state rule kept in place). And the GOPe was NOT going to let Cruz’s foot back in the door. The GOPe hitched their hopes on the Trump Train of Doom, hoping they could “manage” him through to Nov 8 (and beyond). Which is nothing but a pile of pyrite – fool’s gold, with the stinking sulfur smell that goes with it when it burns to the ground.

Meanwhile, Bill Kristol tried to float out there David French as an indy alternative. That lasted one whole week. Heck, even Romney was floated out there. Seriously. Romney? And that lasted about as far as you’d all expect.

So, after the RNC ended with Trump as their flag bearer (leaving Cruz supporters as well as conservatives and constitutionalists out in the cold), and after the DNC ended with BernBots burned (Bernie getting a private jet in exchange for his Hillary endorsement) and Hillary as their flag bearer… well let’s all take a look at the three minor third party candidates. Maybe THEY will offer us something better.

The Libertarian Party had a once-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity… and blew it. They nominate two RINO has-beens (who beat out as a serious contender coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs John McAfee who has been on the lamb for murder in Belize). A party mainstay was wearing a boot on his head and passing out pieces of toast at their convention, and another “candidate” stripped naked on stage while sporting a huge Nazi Iron Cross tattoo on his right forearm. The Johnson/Weld tandem they selected (which is kind of odd since they actually had LP candidates on the ballots of many states – such as in CA – for LP registered voters to choose from, with Johnson not being one of them), yet they “selected” Johnson/Weld at the convention.

These past-their-sell-by-date RINOs in Libertarian clothing give us these policy positions: more government spending, mentioning Steve Breyer as “a good justice” (and so would Obama nominee Merrick Garland), listing Kelly Ayotte, Susan Collins and Russ Feingold (of McCain-Feingold fame) as great members of congress to work with, is pro-amnesty/illegal immigration, pro-Common Core, pro-TPP, anti-religious liberty, pro-pot, got some 2nd amendment issues. And, remember now, these two are practically retired GOP establishment politicians.


The Green Party’s Jill Stein gives us what the BernBots want but in a lesser-know but even more crazy package. Along with the radical socialism/communism and enviro-wacko B.S., we get a self-hating Jew who is strongly anti-Israel. She wants to ban all GMOs, wants universal free college education, and she wants to pardon Eric Snowden and make him a member of her Cabinet in her administration.


The Constitution Party continues to remain unserious as well. They constantly struggle to get on the ballots in all 50 states every election cycle. This year they are swamped with Trumpettes, tend toward isolationism and protectionism, as well as populism and nationalism (a scanning of their party platform unveils these sentiments). Add to that a more than a tinge of what anyone outside their bubble would consider as having a religious litmus test or being exclusionary. Their candidate is party co-founder Darrell Castle – a Truther and a Birther (not just about Obama, but also Cruz), who when given an opportunity last week to clarify and/or deny the accusation decided to dig his feet in deeper and be all cutesy about it.

Really? REALLY?!?

Then we come to…

Better For America, which came on the scene in May-ish. What is the organization and, more importantly, who’s behind it? John Kingston, a donor with ties to George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney (aka, GOPe, GOPe, GOPe). Lawyers Mohammad Jazil and Matthew Sawyer (Sawyer was general counsel to Ross Perot’s failed repeat bid for POTUS in 1996). Ashley Pratte (a so-called conservative communications director who also worked for NH-Congressman Frank Guinta – 71% on CR Scorecard). Anne MacDonald (chief of staff to former first lady Laura Bush after she left the White House). Ballot access “experts” Kahlil Byrd (who was communications director for MA Gov Deval Patrick) and Michael Arno (connected to some petition fraud situations). And pollster/strategist Joel Searby (who early on was working to get Condi Rice to be the indie alternative before BFA officially came on the scene).

BFA was silent for practically all of July. They claimed they had “five” (!!) “well-known” people who were willing to run as an independent in November. They would announce before the end of July. They said that they were working behind the scenes to gain access to all of the 50 states’ ballots. Then, more than a week into August (!!) they unveil… an unknown guy named Evan McMullin.

The guy screams “GOPe insider” and a stereotypical “neocon”. Why? Well, for one he’s actually is an “insider” having never been elected, working on behalf of the GOP behind the scenes. He’s worked for CIA, the United Nations, and Goldman Sachs. Given that he’s also Mormon[*], and the real intent may be to play Utah Spoiler, I’m guessing that this “pick” by BFA has Romney’s hands all over it (hence the Kingston connection to Romney and BFA). He’s pretty much an unknown with no political history or paper trail to speak of to determine his real positions on key issues outside of terrorism and genocide.

THIS, my fellow Americans, is our cluster #[email protected]% of a selection of candidates for President of the United States – leader of the free world – in 2016.

Color me unimpressed.

Since I am a registered voter living in California, I will be downloading and filling out this form, placing myself as a Presidential Elector, and naming Ted Cruz as nominee for President as a write-in candidate. I will get it notarized, and mail it back to the state’s election commission before the October 25 deadline. If 54 other registered voters in this state of well over 30 million did the same, we can vote our conscience by writing in Ted Cruz without having our ballots tossed or ruled invalid.

This is what we are reduced to.

Sad, but true.

And we have no one to blame except (1) both major parties for their unending corruption, self-interests, and selling out to their voters once elected, and (2) ourselves for not paying attention, not getting involved, not learning for ourselves and educating others about the facts and truth about issues, candidates, the nation’s founding and it’s documents.

Whatever happens these next four years, it’s going to be ugly (in many, many ways). And given the economic and financial crisis that looms large both domestically and internationally in the very near future, maybe it’s best that real constitutionalists are not in control so that we are there to clean up the mess that’s left behind by these horrible, horrible candidates and political parties.

God help us and lead us through this desert of our own making.


* Edited to add a clarification on this point. First, I have no problem with a candidate being a Mormon. If, after Ted Cruz dropped out in May, and then Senator Mike Lee from Utah decided to run independent, and his organization team was able to get access to a vast majority of the 50 state ballots, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. He’s a constitutional conservative with a proven track record, is somewhat well known, is likable, was an ardent and unflinching supporter of his friend and colleague (Cruz).

The point I’m making is that the McMullin trial balloon has unmistakable Romney/GOPe fingerprints all over it. To put out there an unknown GOP insider this late in the process where losing access to state ballots reaches 32 by the Aug 12 deadline, who just happens to be Mormon and will most likely have access to Utah where Hillary may pull an upset in the deepest of red states, it stretches the imagination to think that this is nothing more than an attempt to toss a monkey wrench into the gear works. Which is all well and good, such as it is. But what does that accomplish other than making the GOPe look like spoilers and manipulators, giving Trump and his followers the easy excuse of saying that he/they were denied victory. Thus turning even more future voters away from the GOP (and in the process also hurting conservatives in the aftermath of the backlash).

The GOP already killed themselves via death by a thousand cuts. They starved themselves by not governing they way they said they would. They popped poison pills like M&Ms by not challenging the Obama Administration. They loaded the gun by rigging the primary system for establishment-types, which backfired and they ended up shooting themselves in the foot when their rigged system gave them Agent Orange instead. They already drank the Trump Kool-Aid. They hung themselves on the tree of the Branch Trumpidians. So, what. Now they also want to give the Trumpettes a sword so that they can disembowel the GOP? Isn’t this overkill???

Look… if the GOP wants to go down with the sinking ship of their own design and making, charting a course they plotted all by themselves, be my guest.

Just don’t take the constitutional conservatives with you.