My Vote Today Will Be My Vote Nov 8

So, this morning I was finally able to cast my vote (votes, actually, as there were also down-ballot elections and an initiative) here in California. And I voted for the only candidate I could ever really vote for this election cycle – the one who was most likely to adhere to our nation’s constitution and it’s principles – Ted Cruz.

I’ve never missed a vote ever since I turned 18 – not even special elections. My Dad raised me to be engaged, informed, to make up my own mind on the candidates and issues, and to take my civic responsibility seriously.

I cannot vote for an avowed socialist (it’s failed everywhere else in the world – just look at the mess Europe is and has been in, as well as the crumbed communisms of China and the USSR). I don’t fall for utopian fallacies. Bill Whittle and Steven Crowder have two “must watch” videos that pretty much sums it up on that front here and here. Feel the “burn” of the facts and the truth, BernBots!

And I cannot and will not vote for what G.K. Chesterton called the two-headed beast, Hudge and Gudge – Big Business and Big Government. And Trump and Hillary are the epitome of these two monstrosities; two sides of the same worthless coin. One, a corrupt, cronyism/nepotism, stereotypical big corporate grifter (crude, crass, ugly and racist to boot). And the other, a corrupt, cronyism/nepotism, stereotypical bloated big government bureaucrat (with vindictiveness and robotic coldness to boot).

Both completely narcissistic and power-hungry. Both arrogant and dishonest. Both are manipulative and most likely criminal (given the Trump University and the Email Server cases, just for starters). Both are clueless on economic and foreign policy issues. Both are dangerous to the constitution and our democratic republic. One is just the repeated donor and friend of the other. Both statist progressives who use and abuse Big Government and Big Business for their own selfish ends.

“But-but-but… you must choose between these two candidates. If you don’t vote for Trump then it’s a vote for Hillary! If you don’t vote for Hillary then it’s a vote for Trump!” they say.

B___ S___!

If asked to choose between one rotten-to-the-core McIntosh and one worm-infested Granny Smith (or even that completely brown and mushy banana, Gary Johnson – more on that front later) – all with annoying fruit flies buzzing around them – well forgive me if I decide to choose a better piece of fresh produce. And this isn’t just a simple supermarket item we’re talking about here. It’s the United States of America, for cryin’ out loud.

The Libertarian Party had a golden opportunity to be serious, and instead showed themselves to be nothing more than what everybody originally thought they were: a bunch of unserious pot-loving hippies in a state of arrested development who want to legalize everything while retreating from the world in isolation, all in the name of petulant anarchy (excuse me, “libertarianism”). Please. Spare me.

You had one guy wear a boot on his head while another guy stripped naked on stage at your convention. You had a real (pardon the McCainism here) wacko-bird on the lamb for murder in Belize as a “serious” candidate, while you ended up nominating two guys (Johnson and Weld) who are socially liberal, border issue incompetent, past-their-sell-by-date RINOs in “libertarian” clothing. You’re not serious, and apparently never will be if this is what you do when the best opportunity you ever had comes a-knockin’.

The so-called Constitution Party (unfortunately named) has never gotten fully off the ground. Has an even harder time trying to get on the ballot on all of the 50 states (way behind the Libertarian and Green parties). Has itself become very Trumpish, spouting off populism, isolationism, protectionism, and more than a tinge of what the left would easily exploit as the “theocratic party”. I don’t know enough (yet) about their nominee – Darrell Castle – but I’m doubting he’s any more serious than the Johnson/Weld tandem.

No, I don’t want a Romney or a Jeb or a Newt or even a Rubio to come “save the day”. The “French Revolution” lasted exactly 7 days. There may as yet be someone else who may venture to step forward into this mess and challenge the system to force a Constitutionally required 1-state/1-vote election of the president via the current House of Representatives.

But if that person is not serious, and if that person is not constitutionally grounded and conservative. If that person is just another member of the failed establishment that got us into this mess to begin with (both major parties are to blame since approx. 1990), then don’t even bother. We get what we all deserve. Our own comeuppance.

So, come this autumn, if their is no one else besides these jokers to choose from, then I will do the same exact thing on that November Tuesday morning that I did today: write-in Ted Cruz.

I will not be a party to the election of the Trumpster Fire of a disaster with an “R” next to his name by voting for him, nor will I be a willing accomplice to the election of the power hungry Criminal Statist with a “D” next to her name by voting for her. I am a political conscientious objector. I became one after the 2012 general election after years of bad candidates and disappointing elected officials who refuse to legislate and govern the way they were supposed to (and how they had promised when they campaigned).

At least my conscience will be clear this November 8th when I vote for someone who would uphold, follow and maintain the foundation of our nation – the Declaration of Independence (the “why”) and the Constitution of the United States (the “how”). The taint of these other candidates, and the metaphorical blood from the aftermath of this election will not be on my hands, nor the hands of many other likeminded citizens.

I did my civic duty, and will continue to do so. I just won’t vote for rotten apples.

God help this nation!