Consolidation Has to Begin NOW!

After the dust has settled on the Super Tuesday results, some analysis has to be made. Donald Trump may have won more of the first 15 states to vote in this primary, but the percentages and the delegate proportions make it clear that (1) Trump is not inevitable given his relatively low overall popular vote percentage, and (2) Cruz is in a strong second place in the delegate count having won big in Iowa, Oklahoma, Alaska and Texas, while picking up chunks of delegates for coming in close seconds (he even won more delegates coming in third in Georgia than Rubio who came in second there).

When this whole process first started there were 17 candidates running for the GOP nomination. As of last night, it’s down to just 5 men. Any clear thinking individual will admit that there is an ideological split with Cruz/Rubio/Carson representing the conservative conscience of the party and the electorate. Trump/Kasich are ideologically to the left with certain “populist” appeal.

So, this morning I went through all 15 of the states that voted and came away with the following facts and figures. The Cruz/Rubio/Carson block (as a combined total) have won the majority in 12 of the 15 states, losing the majority in only three small New England states. Here are the numbers:

Alabama — C/R/C 50.0%, T/K 47.8%

Alaska — C/R/C 62.4%, T/K 37.6%

Arkansas — C/R/C 61.2%, T/K 36.4%

Georgia — C/R/C 54.2%, T/K 44.4%

Iowa — C/R/C 60.0%, Everyone else 40.0%

Massachusetts — C/R/C 30.0%, T/K 67.3%

Minnesota — C/R/C 72.9%, T/K 27.0%

Nevada — C/R/C 50.1%, T/K 49.5%

New Hampshire — C/R/C 24.6%, Everyone else 75.4%

Oklahoma — C/R/C 66.6%, T/K 31.9%

South Carolina — C/R/C 52.0%,  Everyone else 48.0%

Tennessee — C/R/C 53.5%, T/K 44.2%

Texas — C/R/C 65.7%, T/K 31.0%

Vermont — C/R/C 33.2%, T/K 63.2%

Virginia — C/R/C 54.7%, T/K 44.1%

As you can plainly see, the Cruz/Rubio/Carson block nets a majority in all but MA, VT and NH (no surprise). Add to this information the fact that a grand total of 9,484,472 people have cast their votes and 5,381,873 of those voted for Cruz/Rubio/Carson. What we have is the C/R/C block winning 56.7% of the popular vote, the T/K block winning 41.8% and the rest in the early states winning 1.5%.

It has become clear (even to, of all people, Lindsey Graham) that you can’t make a deal with the devil, and that the only way to stop Trump from winning the nomination and destroying not only the Republican Party but also the Nation is to consolidate behind Ted Cruz.

We need a unifying front. And we need it NOW! Common sense constitutional conservatives must come together for the good of the country. Given Lindsey Graham’s words last night, I hope key people with clearer heads are talking to Rubio (and maybe also Carson) behind the scenes.

This needs to be announced before the next set of states votes: a Cruz/Rubio President/VP ticket with Carson named as Secretary of Health & Human Services.

This needs to be done now, before it’s too late.