Federal Spending Cuts Made Easy...

An across-the-board 10% cut of all federal employees, equally cut by each department, sub-department, divisions, etc., so that there is equal distribution of cuts in low-level staff, middle-mgmt & admins, and upper-level mgmt/admins/execs, even congressional and presidential staffers).

The eventual increase in staff will only be benchmarked to no more than the rate of annual increase in population growth.

All federal employees (in all levels & departments) with a salary of $100,000+ get an automatic 10% pay cut (this includes Congress, the President, Federal Justices, Department Heads, etc.).

The return of this cut in pay is only to occur two years after the federal budget is proven to be balanced (e.g., the pay cut is ended in 2015 if the 2013 budget is proven to be balanced), and the pay cut will go back into effect if the federal budget shows a deficit again.

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